How To Boost Your Business Using Social Media?

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Social Media has spread like wildfire. Almost, everyone is tapping into the platforms of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat and the list goes on. The fact that, social media has such immense audience, the business sector has managed to shift their attention from physical advertising to digital media.


No matter whether you own a small or large business, both can equally benefit from the said platform. It takes away the heavy cash requirement needed for advertising with primary media. These platforms have neglected the cash variable and brought both scopes on equal levels.

Small business owners are coming up with more creative ideas than the big brands. A total of 82% of the small businesses are avidly active on social media websites like Facebook and twitter etc. And this number keeps on rising. These sites increase the brand awareness amongst existing and new customers on a global level.

When was the last time a small business gets a chance for global advertising? Surely business has and will keep on achieving heights of success through the modern-day business multiple called social media.


Here are concepts on how to boost your business through social media:

Brand Awareness

The exposure that social media bring to a business is limitless. Not just it establishes a business as a potential brand in front of an enormous audience but managers to facilitate a direct chain of communication too. Business can directly interact with its customers, followers, other businesses, investors, and numerous other stakeholders. Also, they can upgrade to new trends in the market and attract customers with unique campaigns.

Social Media is Hot

A humongous audience of 3 billion is widely accessing the internet which makes it obvious for them to be on social media. Everyone is on Facebook, and Instagram it’s practically a cult now which everyone is rigorously following. This clearly confirms every person or company walking by your office is on social media. With that said, social media could possibly become the new version of business networking.


There are only a handful of businesses who are not active on these advantages. Instagram alone has a total of 25 million business profiles imagine how well is Facebook doing?

Age Accessibility

Social media rebels again the business models of age factor limits, reaching every person equally irrespective of their age groups. The internet accessibility from 2005 till 2015 has dramatically risen amongst the age group of 30-49 by 69%. No matter how old or young your audience is, if your product is up on social media everyone will have an equal chance of seeing it. It even has the scope for attracting more audiences from different ages.


Remember the conventional business advertisings, which the product owners put up with zero level of feedback? Well, it’s obsolete that’s why it’s called old. Todays, audience want to be heard and businesses want their feedback. Social media gives a direct line of communication between the customers and the business. One could message, add reviews, give feedbacks, and enlighten about the products and their offers.


Communication used to be the steepest amongst the business and the customers due to their scale differences, but now the times have changed. Their relation has never been this comprehensive.

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Users are forever active

The one thing about social media is when people are in they are not figuratively but practically in. 17, is the shocking total of how many times your average joe checks their social media account. And this number goes for one platform what about the other sites they are on, which totals 17 multiplied by the total number of social media profiles they have. This phenomenon confirms one thing, it is possible if a person misses your store or products, they surely cannot miss your uploads.

Business Information

A business page allows companies to share relevant information publicly. From your e-mail ID to your foundation story. Everything could be shared. Practically you cannot share this information with every person who visits you, that’s why social media is wonderfully useful. For example, there is a customer in a foreign land with a huge buying capacity he might not know about your business and he surely cannot visit you just to buy something. Through social media, they not just get aware of your business’s existence but will get the all the crucial information to make contact.


Customer Service

Social media might be just the right tool for customer service. Small businesses value customer service the most and these platforms help them get there. The communication factor and continued encouragement by the owner can spark your customers to interact freely, through the medium of feedbacks, reviews, and direct messages. You can plan your own customized speedy customer service plan for a better consumer inside. Research shows, the companies which engage in customer service through social media earns 20 to 40 percent more revenue.

Email Marketing

Social media can literally change the face of modern marketing when it comes to small businesses. Business owners can share their newsletter on the entire social media. Think how much buzz could you create for your business and audience?You can attract more readers by the quality of your content. Also, by adding new inviting content in form of vivid blog posts, marketing videos, and picture uploads, brand-new marketing strategies are shaping up to take on the marketing industry. Tts just the matter of time when it overtakes the traditional methods of marketing practices.


Social Media is Omnipresent

A charged phone full of apps is all you need to manage your private and corporate life roll. Every person has Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest etc. apps preinstalled on their phones, which literally makes it omnipresent. You might notice every person looking down at your phone, working their way on social media every day. They are not just updating their lives but are checking on others too.

Your favorite people, products, and companies are symbolically stalked by you all the time. This gives business a chance to step up and make their presence felt, in the best way they can come up with.

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