SEO or Social – The Big Fight

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Are you tired of seeing traffic declining on your website? Are you looking for better ways of diverting qualitative traffic to your website? Have you been told time and again about the need of an incredible social presence? Have you been recently wondering whether you need a social media expert more than SEO?

These are among the tremendous question that haunt the minds of website owners and online businesses today. With more and more impetus being laid on social website such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and the like, there is a misconception that the need of SEO service in India is on the descent. A lot of businesses have been fooled to believe that social media is a replacement for organic SEO.


Is good social media presence enough for your online success?




Imagine a situation where you have an incredible social media presence. People love to talk about your on their communities and people discuss about you on social forum, chats, personal messaging, video sites and the like. But the moment they visit your website, they are lost! There is no conversion on your website as there is no SEO-ready interface or content on it to welcome the visitors.

Similarly, people would love to search about you on Google or any other major search engine and then land up to your page. But, what if your company is not there in the top search engine result pages? If your keywords are not well researched, properly placed or optimized, if you do not have quality Meta Tags, image alt tags, header tags and other SEO elements in place on your website, there is negligible chance of your website being found on Google.

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Different elements of trusted SEO services



Again, newsletters, online campaigns, PPC ads, paid advertising, email marketing, banner advertising, link generators (blog submission, PR submission, and other directory submissions) go a long, long way in establishing your presence in the online arena. You not only have a viable presence to boast of but a sure-shot plan to divert both quantitative and qualitative traffic to your website. It is the combined effort of all the services in the search engine optimization package that prove beneficial for your online business.


Social media and SEO go hand in hand!




Social media is the buzz word of today. Everyone wants to be on the popular networks, connect with their brand, popularize them and even complain about their necessary improvisations needed. However, no social media presence can suffice the need of a broader establishment in the digital media. It is a complete big picture that needs to be painted. Starting from the creation of an impressive and user-friendly website to the right promotion strategy, a website has to deliver at multiple platforms to be able to sell your business in the most efficient manner.

The different aspects of a trusted SEO company that offer a combined performance include search engine optimization, search engine marketing, paid advertising, social media optimization, email marketing, reputation management, app development and promotion and a whole lot of others.

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