10 Reasons Why Your Content Marketing Strategy Must Include Video

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Within the last decade, digital marketing scenario has changed abundantly. It has not only remained confined to laptops and personal computers where people would look out for products and services. The contents available on the web today are being phased out by latest technology including smartphones and tablet devices. These devices as being more portable have the ability to attract consumers on the go and create a marketplace wherever and whenever.

Digital Marketing has now gone above and beyond the horizons of orthodox marketing. It has created a market that knows no bounds in terms of reaching out to prospective consumers. It has also revolutionized the way people interact with online content. And most important of all, digital marketing has become cheaper than ever before.

The unique proposition, upon which content is based today, is focusing upon the consumer behavior. Content today is expected to succeed only if it meets the desired consumer approach. This includes the ability to provide consumers what they want and how they want it. Gone are the days where one marketing strategy could be preferred upon with vigor while neglecting the emerging trends.

Content marketing today, is not just circumscribed to the traditional approach. Within the modern trends of marketing, video marketing could be considered the most vital landscape. It has emerged as the strongest marketing approach where people find relevance, value and flexibility at the same time. Video marketing has the ability to cater consumer needs on-the-go. It has proved as an exquisite marketing solution to keep up with today’s fast-paced lifestyle.

Here are the top reasons suggested by Digitalberge – The Best SEO Company in Delhi NCR to include video-marketing and why it is being considered as the future of content.

Video marketing by the statistics

  • Video is forecasted to gain more than 80% of the total web traffic by 2019

With the emerging video space in the marketing world, it has been projected that the video-marketing would consume the largest chunk of marketing strategy within the next couple of years. It would be the next big thing to attract the customer base with the possibility of the highest conversion ratio through explainer videos.


  • Video-driven marketing emails can enhance click-through rates by 200-300%.

It has been researched that adding video to your marketing emails has greater response when it come to click-through rates. People are more lured to content when it is backed by a video associated with a particular product. Video finds it easier to get through to consumers where the absence of it may lack potential buying interest.

  • Video boosts up conversion rate by 80% when included on landing pages.

A product is not only expected to sell with what you have to offer in writing or audio. It must have the ability within it to appeal to the consumer’s visual senses. When this visual sensory is triggered, your content is automatically expected to create a lasting impact. This combined package of visual and audio garners more attention from potential consumers and results in better conversion rates.

  • Product videos enhance purchasing decision within 90% of consumers. 

A product video has the ability to bring a personal touch to consumers. It enhances the reliability and flexibility within consumers where they can trust the product more. Once a product is presented to consumers with a video, it gives out better details and puts greater trust within the marketing strategy.

  • Mobile video consumption enhances by 100% each year, according to YouTube.

YouTube has become the leading video based marketplace for consumers. The amount of data being consumed per year solely for marketing purpose grows by almost 100% every year. This puts the video based ad campaigns at the highest leverage when promoting a product or service. Not only this, the scope and reach of these videos grow internationally day after day which gives your product an international market at easiest convenience.

  • Customers prefer buying a product by 64% when they watch a video about it. 

The idea behind this marketing strategy remains simple. A video clearly puts out all the details about a particular product in a compact package and has to offer the essentials in terms of functionality and appearance. A consumer can virtually have a look at the physical product right at their convenience and form a buying opinion right then and there. A video gives a personal touch to the product that a customer is looking forward to.

  • 87% of online marketers use the video strategy when developing a marketing regime. 

This can be clearly understood upon the fact to match up with the fast-paced lifestyle and preference of buyers. Almost every marketing strategy has developed this approach where they can proclaim to put a product in the customer’s hands through the product-video. And this strategy has seemed to work for every marketer offering its product.

  • People dedicate one-third of their online time watching videos.

The advent of video marketing is also based upon the research that people spend more time watching videos whenever they are online. With the video base campaigns, your product is sure to go through every pair of eyeballs sooner than later. The social media now consumes an abundant space for product-based videos. Besides this, the opportunity of your video to gain word-of-mouth publicity is just innumerable.

  • Video ads have taken up 35% of the online ad-space.

This would be clearly understandable for every person today when they find themselves scrolling through various online-media-streaming platforms. With every online video being prefixed with a video-ad, it is guaranteed that your product could achieve millions of views in just a matter of days. And with such huge spread, the prospective conversion or buying-ratio is skyrocketing every single time.

  • 59% of company decision makers prefer watching a video rather than reading an article.

A video turns out to present everything in a subtle and compact manner. This includes the physical appearance, design, functionality and aesthetics of a product. Merely reading about a product does not lay the same effect than watching a video about it. Consumers may read widely about a product but it still remains not as decisive as when they watch a video about that product. A video cuts out the imaginary wonder as to how a product looks and functions. This in turns evokes quicker decision making ability.
10 Reasons Why Your Content Marketing Strategy Must Include Video

  • James McQuivey a leader in digital marketing evaluates a single minute of video content to be comparable to 1.8 million words. 

This research is in itself a major factor how your product-video can speak a million words about it. The ability of the video to capture every minute detail and present it vividly to customers is simply incomparable. This magnitude of detail can nowhere be compared to words described in an article or blog post.

Choosing Video Marketing To Achieve Desired Results

You would be fairly acquainted by now with the ability of video marketing to be of highest value. It is the next big thing that every digital marketer should be using right now. There are other great benefits that you would bank upon when opting the video-marketing path.

  1. Video marketing enhances brand recall. 

Brand recall is one of the highest essentials when you have a product circulating in the market. Research shows that brand recall is most common when people watch a video about a product than when they simply read or hear about it. People can easily recall a video that they had watched a month ago. This recall ability is due to the audio-visual effect that has a long lasting impact upon customers. Whilst people are able to remember the video content, it also means that the possibility of conversion and lead generation is higher than ever before. This conversion-rate may however not be possible with the text-based content.

2. Video marketing enhances your website’s SEO

Video marketing of the product can enhance the decision makers to visit the marketer’s site by 65%. After viewing the branded and relevant video of a product, your website can achieve higher traffic on its webpage. This can result into the betterment of your website rankings with the help of the Best Digital Marketing Company in India .It clearly means that the conversion rate on your product is expected to go higher as compared to text based promotion. HubSpot analyzes that there can be a dramatic increase in the number of decision-makers to contact the vendor by 39% after watching a product-video. A simple video which is added to the landing page can accelerate the company’s SEO value and click-through rates.

3. Video content has a great response across all devices.

Today, responsive design has emerged as one of the single largest factor in generating traffic and business within the digital-marketing sphere. If any ad-campaign does not perform well across different devices and browsers, it simply means you are losing prospective clients and business. With time, this can also result into decreased traffic and lower conversion rates. To avoid this unfavorable condition, we fortunately have the video format which is compatible across all devices- from laptops to smartphones. The fitness of video-formats to run on all devices gives it a wider reach while also keeping it relevant and consumer-friendly.

4.Video marketing creates and strengthens brand identity.

Video marketing has the ability to create a brand persona that people can take home with them. It helps to develop a brand message and steer your product straight through the market. The essence of video marketing can vary from simple strategies like design and branding to more complex ones including voice and presentation. The nectar lies in creating a video-based campaign that people can put their faith in. This helps customers to develop trust with the brand and create a prominent market-presence for the marketer. With these qualities in a video campaign, your product will appeal to a customer’s instinct and you have the ideal tool to establish reputation and spread brand virtue.

5.Video content potentially wants to go viral

It has been analyzed that 92% of people who watch a video content, share it with other people. This makes a video one of the highest shared content in any form. With the same video being recycled among newer people, it can pragmatically reach the most elaborate consumer-base in no time. According to Simply Measured, a video generally reaches a share rate of 1200% more than that of both web links and texts combined together. Diode Digital analyzed that 60% of users have a greater inclination towards video posts as compared to text posts.

With this ability of the video content to become viral in no time, it has become the need of the hour to switch to the viral video campaigns. Not only this, a video message has greater ability to create followers within the online market. With easy-to-interact and information-rich content, brands can develop a greater responsiveness while retaining customer loyalty. One of the finest examples of this strategy is the meditation app called Headspace, which has already created a business worth $259 million. The app offers guided meditation and mindfulness training through dedicated videos which are beautifully crafted with engaging video content.

Video Marketing: An incredible marketing approach 

With the essentials of market reach, brand recognition, brand recall, easy-accessibility and value, video marketing has become the most sought after approach within content promotion. With the ability of ingenuity and vividness, video marketing is here to dominate sales force and create a wider emotion-driven marketplace.

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