The Use of Siri: How voice search SEO works in 2021

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The voice search feature has been an instant hit among smartphone users. Almost every iOS user using an iPhone 4s or above is familiar with the use of Siri, the voice assistant which iOS is well-known for. It is basically a smart voice assistant, just like Cortana on Windows and Google Assistant on Android devices. However, Siri is generally known to be quite intelligent and is often used as a digital personal assistant.

What do people mostly use Siri for?

Siri is capable of performing a wide variety of functions, although very few people use it to its full potential. As per a survey, the largest percentage of the users mostly use Siri to set reminders, followed by alarms and calendar tasks. It is therefore quite evident that most people use Siri as a personal assistant to remind them about important stuff. The fourth most popular use of Siri is running voice searches. About 67% of the surveyed individuals responded that they use Siri to search the web.

How is Siri relevant in SEO?

With the constant integration of technology in our day to day lives, sophisticated functions like voice search are increasing in popularity. An increasing number of people find it far more convenient to speak out the search query rather than type it. Now, businesses which try  to build a strong online presence are constantly focusing on The Best SEO Services in India for their business. Investing some time and money in voice search SEO would certainly be worth it, considering the potential increase in traffic.

How should you work on voice search SEO?

While some things lie in common between usual SEO and voice search SEO. However, a brand would have to pay attention to certain other factors while focusing on voice searches.

  • Long tail-keywords: Short tail keywords generally have the highest search volumes in case of text searches. Most people prefer to type it in short, using as few words as possible. However, voice searches are more like actual conversations. Users tend to search using complete sentences while using Siri or any other voice search engine. Hence, any company planning to improve its voice SEO everyone might wants to hire a SEO Expert in India to work on long-tail keywords.
  • Snippets: A snippet is basically a summary of the more descriptive content presented on a webpage, usually running two or three sentences long. The search engine algorithms generally prefer websites that offer snippets as it ensures a better user experience. This is even more important in case of a voice search, as the snippet would be read out loud by the device. Hence, is crucial that you pay attention to creating a short yet detailed snippet that would attract the users by providing them with helpful information.
  • Mobile-friendly website: The significance of developing mobile-friendly websites has been rising ever since smartphones started to gain popularity. Now in the age of voice searches, it cannot be ignored at any cost. This is because voice searches are generally carried out from smartphones. Now, the major search engines like Google pay attention to user-friendliness. The smart algorithm detects the most mobile-friendly sites and places them near the top. This is why a mobile-friendly website is necessary for the sake of better voice SEO.
  • Take professional help: If you aren’t an expert at SEO, it would be wise to hire a professional SEO company to take care of it. The leading SEO companies hire experienced professionals who know all the tricks to get a website ranked among the top search results. In order to provide their clients with the best services and stay ahead of their competitors, these SEO companies constantly carry out the research necessary to keep up with the latest trends.

How is the trend expected to continue in the future?

Just like any other sophisticated technology which makes life easier, voice search engines and assistants are expected to continue growing in popularity. According to studies, not everyone is comfortable talking to a wireless gadget, mostly due to shyness or because they find it awkward. However, this is changing with more and more users getting acquainted with it. About 41% of the voice search users are adults while 55% are teenagers. This implies that the trend is catching up quicker than the younger generation. This too is a factor that makes it evident that voice searches would continue to grow in popularity.

The latest Siri update has come up with further modifications and improvements, as usual. Siri, along with other voice assistants is being made increasingly more intelligent. Smarter AI helps to get better search results, which, in turn, makes it more convenient for people to use voice searches. Voice search SEO seems to be an integral part of the future of digital marketing. 2021 is expected to witness a major rise in the number of brands adapting the technique to compete against their rivals.

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