Upgrade to Google Analytics 4 (GA-4) For Unlocking Valuable Insights for Your Website

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You might have been counting on Google Analytics to get intelligent insights on your website, streamlining your marketing strategies, right? Now, with the inception of Google Analytics 4, you have a brand-new set of features to strengthen your business. DigitalBerge has come up with GA-4, a new service for its clients, that will help you seamlessly migrate or integrate your website to Google Analytics 4. In the process, you can benefit from the greater ROI from marketing in the long term. This new version of Google Analytics works on the basis of web properties as well as app properties, that had been introduced in the previous year. For all new properties, the new Google Analytics would be the default experience for the users.

How to access new Google Analytics?

Presently, users can get access to new Google Analytics through the property called ‘Google Analytics 4’. In the past, this was referred to as ‘App + Web’ properties. This can be set up alongside the present properties of Analytics. In the process, you would be able to start gathering data. In the process, you can benefit from the most trending innovations, since they become available while the present implementation remains intact.

During the beta period, Google Analytics 4 properties were referred to as ‘App + Web properties’. Now, the properties of Google Analytics 4 are available for all accounts. When a new property is created, it works as the default property. This is applicable even when you plan to use the same for an app, website, or both. The term ‘Universal Analytics’ refers to the older generation of Analytics. For websites developed before 14th October 2020, this was the default type of property.

In case you have not set up Google Analytics on your website yet, reach out to DigitalBerge- Best SEO Company in Delhi. The experts will help you in this process, apart from assisting you to migrate to Google Analytics 4.

What to do if your website is having an existing Universal Analytics property?

In case your website is having an existing Universal Analytics property, you simply need to create a new Google Analytics 4 property. When you get across to Digital Berge, the professionals will help you out in this process. Therefore, you can simply start collecting information and benefit from the new innovations, as and when they become available. Even when you do so, your present Universal Analytics implementation would remain intact.

Remember, it is possible for property admins to create a new property automatically from an existing Universal Analytics property. During migration, the original property would stay as it is. However, the new property would get associated with the same.

Due to this association, these properties will become qualified for upcoming features. In the process, you can seamlessly migrate to Google Analytics 4 configurations. With a professional assistance, you can explore the new version of Google Analytics and start collecting your data. In the process, you can make your business ready for the future.

How to get started with the migration process?

If you are willing to migrate to Google Analytics 4, reach out to the experts at Digital Berge. Get across to the experts so that you can start with the migration process. In case you are not having any account edit access, have a consultation with your account admin with regard to the up-gradation to a Google Analytics 4 property. When this property is set up, you will significantly benefit from the new features of Google Analytics. These include predictive capabilities, more automation, cross-device and cross-platform reporting, a measurement model based on events and much more.

What if you are using Google Analytics for Firebase for your app?

In case you are using Google Analytics for Firebase for your app, it is recommended that you should migrate to Google Analytics 4. Get across to the experts to help you with the up-gradation process. With this migration or up-gradation, you can benefit from the latest innovations, adding your website data easily. However, it is not necessary to change the present Google Analytics for Firebase implementation.

Benefits of using Google Analytics

Google Analytics help you gain valuable information on visitors from different parts of the globe. However, you would like to know the profiles of your website visitors, or where exactly from the globe they are visiting your website. Google Analytics would help you gain a detailed insight on all these aspects. An informed decision in this regard can help you strategize your digital marketing campaigns and tactics.

Besides, you can gain useful information on the user behavior on your websites. Through Google Analytics, you can gain access to several features and tools. In the process, you can keep a track on the nature and behavior of your audience. Using Google Analytics calls for an understanding of metrics. With a professional support from experts, you can deploy its features to gain valuable insights on your website.

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