Power Of Voice Search: How It’s Going To Affect Your SEO Strategy

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We cannot imagine the convenience brought to our day-to-day lives by smartphones. Not only has their tremendous popularity led mobile data to outperform desktop, there has also been a steep rise in the number of voice search queries.

In case you are not aware, voice search has been around for more than a decade – actually dating back to 2002. However, it began gaining its immense popularity with the use of smartphones. Siri, Alexa, and Cortana (personal digital assistants) have grown to become a lot more sophisticated than before, as there has been a consistent drop in the number of word recognition errors. Consequently, the masses seem to be depending extensively on voice search to meet their online search needs. Being a professional SEO Consultant India, you would understand the need and importance of voice search.


Without a second thought, voice search has been regarded as a rapidly booming area of mobile technology. Truth be told, it is dynamically giving an edge to the future of SEO and changing how SEO techniques are being put to use in this digital era.

What is the difference between voice search and text search?

Well, the basic difference between the two – voice search and text search – is the result accuracy which a person receives upon entering the search query. A voice search is something useful that takes the guesswork out of searching. The purpose of the search from the user’s end seems quite clear. Consequently, the search engine delivers the correct results.

Rather than getting a plethora of unconnected links with a text-based search, what you get are the responses that seem applicable in reply to your query.

How is Voice Search Affecting Your SEO Strategy?

Voice searching has comprehensive effects on content creation by the medium of mobile devices. Crossing a plethora of different niches, video content does not appear to be an exception to the booming trend of voice search. In spite of receiving an overwhelming response from the people expressing their keen interest in video format, there’s no doubt it still largely relies on text for the sake of catching the attention of organic traffic and SEO connection as expected by a reliable SEO Company India.

Let’s take an example. If you need to find videos, you still have to enter your search terms as videos cannot be called upon on their own without feeding them with the needed input. Videos enable one to see a visual depiction of their queries solely based on texts. Moreover, videos serve people with a number of greatest advantages as it has to do with the latest trend i.e. voice search.

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The voice search technology has been affecting SEO in the current year. Here’s how:

Include Natural Sounding Long-Tail Keywords

People with necessary skills and required experience have the ability to measure what the online user is likely to type when searching for something useful. It specifically indicates that they judge what they’re likely to say when it comes to looking for products, services, and other relevant information with the help of voice search. According to research, people on the web are more inclined towards the use of natural sounding phrases. So, it is very important for SEO experts with a reputable SEO Consultant India to modify their content and, at the same time, taking into account that users have the probability of using long-tail phrases that follow the rules of grammar.

Keeping this in mind, the pros should make it a practice of using natural sounding phrases used by the masses in their day-to-day life. Doing so will improve the chances of your content getting the topmost rank for needed keywords.

Search Plays a Vital Role

When voice search was on the verge of getting introduced to the digital world, huge conglomerates did not believe in wasting their one and only precious resource: time. Several various technologies were created, including:

  1. Alexa by Amazon
  2. Siri by Apple
  3. Smart Assistant by Google
  4. Cortana by Microsoft

All of these technologies were backed by the power of voice search. The way you search plays a very indispensable role in determining the kind of information you would get. Voice search offers you more specific search results. For example, you give a command to Siri; it’s designed to offer you the required information to your question. It offers accurate information no matter what the source of the information.

Add FAQ Page

Do you know what can give a long-lasting impact upon the improvement of your website’s visibility? An FAQ page! Also, this could give you the assurance that your content is likely to show up on the top of search results when it comes to voice search.

Users relying on voice search make use of questions including why, how, when what, and where. When these questions are answered on your website, it boosts the chances of your pages getting recognition by the voice search.

Use Microdata to Optimize for Local SEO

There is no denying the fact that queries stringently based on voice search are seen as a blessing for a majority of the businesses depending on local search traffic. If a larger number of people rely on the usage of voice search, most of them are on the lookout for information with regard to products and services not far from their current location. The online users may be searching for nearby shopping malls, food joints, restaurants, and so on. An SEO Company India would rely on microdata for honing their local SEO.

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