How To Increase Website Traffic Organically?

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A lot many businesses are oblivious to Organic traffic. Practically, it is the highest form of genuine traffic you attract for years to come. In simpler words, the focus here is to put meaningful content today to attack traffic for the future course of the website’s working. It could be the next day, next month, next year, even the next decade, as long as the website is operational. Such long-term ROI is impossible for any paid ad to generate.

Many companies today offer quick and easy methods to generate organic traffic, well don’t believe them. There is no possible way to gain a short-term organic traffic. Infant, building organic traffic is the hardest activity known to the SEO industry. Well, you know what they say, the hardest things yield the heaviest profits.

In these times of Facebook-driven posts and Google Ad worlds, you can gain immediate traffic by losing some bucks from your wallet. But here is a think, for how long can you pay for this fake audience, you need some foundation and confidence in your own ability to attract the determined audience.

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To attract organic traffics there are more than one ways of doing that. Some are good ways and some are bad, and also there are some hideous ways of doing the same. We recommend you to put your money on decent methods as a long-haul investment. Do not go for some short-earned satisfaction by following negative strategies.


Below are some strong ways to improve your organic traffic: 

Content Quality

Great content makes great websites. It is the reflection of your company to the infinite pool of customers look for a product of your concern. Being an SEO Consultant, it is very important to publish new articles daily in order to get maximum optimization. But what people miss is the fact that if your content drops down on quality it will drop your readers double the speed.

Hence, the first thing is to maintain the content quality rather than the quantity. If you have a team of competitive writers who can manage to publish quality content on a daily basis, great! If not, then we have some tips. The key to writing the quality content is writing less, ironic isn’t it? Write in the minimum words possible to explain something, use spell checks and edit everything twice. Do this and you are good to go.

KeyPhrases For KeyWords

Using popular homogeneous keywords which normal audience utilize to identify and search your brand or product is the basic idea of using keywords. Keywords are the basic foundation of an SEO agency’s working. Your website link will be displayed on the search engine walls, increasing your website traffic through specific keywords.

The problem with keywords is that they are over popular. Every company is using similar keywords, which makes the competition stiff and difficult. The modern-day SEO, cannot rely on just keywords. It’s the time for key phrases to kick in. Using a long, precise and detailed phrase is the new approach. For example, while searching for a thing like Cricket Academy, rather than using the keyword “Cricket Academy” you can add more detail like “Cricket Academy in Mumbai”. This will slender down the competition and invite the targeted audience.

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Write Consistently

As we mentioned earlier consistency is the best suit for an SEO activity. However, this doesn’t mean you have to publish new articles every day. In fact, you don’t have enough time to do so while simultaneously running a business. What you can do is make it a habit of publishing something every week or once in 2 weeks, that will do.

Search engines love regularly updated websites, but the reader credibility is more important here. By constantly updating two things will happen, one thing you are sending a message to your readers that, yes you are serious and are not joking around here.

Secondly, when your stories keep coming back to them they remember the blog’s name. Hence, ensuring reader retention and brand awareness. Impressed, those readers will share and spread the word about your business and website.

Guest blogging has lost its charm with time, some experts even say guest blogging is done for the SEO community, it has no scope left. However, it is still a viable option for attracting traffic.

Where a traditional inbound link has no value left, it still has a scope for a new audience witnessing your content. There are certain things you can do to achieve this traffic while guest blogging.

Go To A Decent Website

Go to an authoritative website with a good number of visitors and quality content.

Stay Close To Your Audience

Guest blogging sure exposes a new audience, but it means nothing if your original readers cannot access it.


Promote The Guest Post As Your Niche

This shows other websites that you value those collaborations and hope for future crossovers as well.

Keep Checking And Respond To The Comments

The idea is to gain more traffic. By responding to the comments, you are interacting with the new set of audience and firmly establishing yourself as a switching option.

Stop Annoying Google

Minutes ago, we talked about certain unethical practices, which some people use to attack traffic. These practices largely piss off Google. People always try to get away with it, but not that fast. Google is constantly evolving their filtering software in order to eliminate such practices.

Increasing organic traffic should be don’t the right way or google will give you no way out. If caught you will be fined with some serious penalties.

Here are some ways to avoid such drawbacks: 

  • Don’t build or use cheap links
  • Don’t pay for inbound links
  • Don’t publish cheap quality scraped or stolen content
  • Don’t use exact-match anchor text

Like we said, it’s not easy to gain authentic organic traffic. Anything that promises a mountain of traffic is an avalanche of fine, you have to pay down this path. Great and consistent content is the only thing that drives some serious organic traffic.

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