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Targeted Approach to Drive Sales

Leading SEO company in India with experienced digital marketers to strategize custom marketing solutions for businesses that guarantee an increase in web traffic, brand awareness, & sales boost.

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About Us

Propel Business Growth with Digital Marketing

We collaborate with enterprises to ideate and execute SEO services in India, addressing specific issues, ensuring business growth and scalability through improved online visibility.

  • Search engine optimization services
  • Brand marketing solutions
  • Inventive web design and development solutions
  • Creative content ideation and marketing
  • SEO Optimization Services
  • Affordable digital marketing packages
  • Guaranteed ROI
  • Free consultation by experts

Monitor Website Performance

We collaborate with you keeping you in the loop throughout the digital marketing process. You can track the progress, the performance of your website with regular easy-to-understand reports.

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Our Services

What We Have to Offer

What We Have to Offer Result-oriented end-to-end SEO services in India that cover everything from competitor analysis to strategizing and execution followed by regular tracking and site maintenance.

SEO Services

High SERPs guaranteed to attract more website traffic and uninterrupted visibility.

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PPC Services

Guaranteed sales boost with well ideated paid advertising campaigns across online avenues.

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Social Media

Enhance Social Media Engagement with regular posts which drive creativity and interactions.

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Leverage authentic reviews online to prove the credibility of your business “Suppress Negative Links”

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Amazon Optimization

Advanced ecommerce marketing solutions to attract more traffic to your Amazon store.

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SEO Consultancy

Need some SEO advice from experts before you take up any of our packages? Call us today.

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Why Hire Us?

Customized Digital Marketing Solutions

Top-rated SEO company in India with an award-winning team of marketing experts with multi-domain expertise and an unscathed track record of accelerating growth for businesses big and small.

Defining KPIs99%
Measuring ROI98%
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How We Work

Identify, Strategize, Implement, & Execute

While offering SEO services in India, we follow a systemic protocol, starting with identifying the marketing pain points, followed by strategy building, implementation, and execution for results.



Competitor Analysis

Run a thorough diagnostics of the website, along with detailed competitor analysis.



Audience Analysis

Defining target audience their demographics wins you half the battle.



Keywords Research

Selection of best keywords (business terms) is the key for success of Digital Marketing.




Google 1st page ranking by implementation of SEO techniques.




Detailed reports to clients of all accomplishments and results.

Consultation Offered by SEO Specialists

Our experts will help you understand the marketing requirements of your enterprise for scalable growth. Leverage the knowledge of SEO specialists to propel business excellence.

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Our Expertise

Outstanding Experience

Distinctively grow go forward manufactured products and optimal networks. Enthusiastically disseminate user-centric outsourcing revolutionary

Enhance Your Brand Visibility with Digital Marketing

In this Digital Age, it is no longer enough for businesses to have a physical presence. Your services and products demand a virtual identity based on which they can be marketed and promoted to broad demography of target audiences. That’s where digital marketing comes into the picture! The process of digital marketing commences with the launch of a web address which can be a website or application, followed by strategizing the promotional activities through SEO.

DigitalBerge is the leading digital marketing firm offering quality SEO services in India to businesses big and small. We have an extensive range of marketing services, including SEO, PPC, SMM, content marketing, etc. Our team has experienced digital marketers who can help your business stay ahead of the competition, and your brand remains visible to the target audience all the time.


Remain at the Top of your SERP Game

DigitalBerge is a top-rated SEO company in India with a dedicated team of professionals who are experts at identifying the specific marketing areas in your business that demands attention. We identify the pain points in your existing marketing strategies and provide you with an advanced counter-strategy that would guarantee growth and scalability.

Our SEO services in India are reasonably priced, enabling even the start-ups and MSMEs to avail the services and remain at the top of their digital marketing game plan. Our team of SEO experts stays updated on the latest digital marketing guidelines and trends, to implement the same across your online platforms for maximum exposure. Feel free to book a consultation with our support team for queries that you might have.

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Gain Instant Online Visibility with Paid Advertising

Want to gain instant visibility online? Seeking fast sales boost through your marketing efforts? Then our PPC or pay-per-click services would perfectly suffice your business requirements. Paid advertising strategized intently and executed smartly guarantees instant online visibility for brands and businesses. It can help skyrocket your sales and conversion in no time, provided you have a team of experts guiding you through the process.

At “DigitalBerge” our SEO services in India covers PPC campaigns across all avenues such as search engines, social media platforms, and more. We study the offerings of the business, the audience it is targeting and the loopholes in the existing marketing infrastructure to ideate a PPC campaign accordingly for fast results.

Enhance the Goodwill of your Business with Online Reputation Management

Did you know that most consumers conduct an online search and research for brands and their offerings before investing in the same? Your online reputation is the certificate of service quality, which assures and encourages your target audience to value and invest in your services/products. With an unscathed online reputation, a business can significantly increase its consumer base and boost the sales conversion rate.

As the leading SEO company in India, we offer ORM services to our clients, aiding by monitoring their online reputation and implementing ways to improve it. Our online reputation management services span multiple virtual platforms, including websites, search engines, social media sites, forums, etc. For more information on our ORM services, book a consultation with our experts today.


Social Media Marketing & Management by Experts

Maintaining and managing your social media presence is a significant part of digital marketing. Search engines are not the only avenue you need to tap to reach out to potential customers; having a thriving social media presence allows you to expand your target audience, from local to even global, if that’s what your business goals are; and we can help you accomplish that through social media marketing.

Our team helps businesses by creating their social presence across multiple platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, and more. Our team of marketers and writers create witty and marketing-oriented posts online, engaging with the followers to gain more social popularity for businesses. Feel free to contact us for more information on our social media and SEO services in India.

Our Portfolio

Success Stories

We have worked with businesses across multiple domains. Our team takes pride in helping enterprises, start-ups, & small businesses, overcome their vulnerabilities to write success stories.

What Our Client Say About Us

Collaboratively actualize excellent schemas without effective models. Synergistically engineer functionalized applications rather than backend e-commerce.

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Blog & Latest News

We Keep You Updated

The world of digital marketing is constantly evolving. We share the latest updates with you along with our own experiences and success stories.


Ultimate Guide to Design Marketing Strategy to Boost your Brand Presence.

A successful marketing plan is imperative towards achieving the business ideas and goals of any organization.

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Social Media Monitoring Vs Social Listening – What’s The Difference?

Understanding the difference between the two is crucial to successfully formulate and implement an attractive social media marketing campaigns for a business .

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HTTP/2 & SEO—The Connection, The Benefits and The Rewards.

A perfectly complimentary match; HTTP/2 created to provide a faster, secure internet and SEO enabling websites to achieve better search rankings.

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