What Do You Need to Think About to Formulate an Effective Amazon SEO Strategy

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Amazon is the world’s biggest online marketplace and today, it offers great opportunities to businesses and sellers who want to take advantage of the marketplace’s popularity. Over the last year, close to 2,00,000 sellers, including both small and medium-sized businesses, joined Amazon.

However, this also means that the space to operate for every new seller on the platform is getting more and more cramped with each passing day. If you want your business to join Amazon and be successful, you need to formulate an effective Amazon SEO Strategy. Before you do, here are some of the things that you need to seriously consider.

#1: Targeting Keywords in Your Product Name

Think of all the possible keywords that your target audience would use to search for the products you sell on Amazon and then pick the most commonly used keywords and include them in your product name. There are several Amazon SEO tools that you can use to get all the relevant keyword-related information.

However, as is the case with performing SEO for websites for high rankings on Google, you can’t rely on black hat SEO techniques to gain greater visibility on Amazon. Amazon’s search engine algorithm, known as A9, just like the Google search engine algorithm, is quick to spot keyword stuffing and penalize sellers for it by reducing visibility.

#2: Giving Out As Many Details As Possible In the Product Name

Let’s elaborate on this point through an example. Suppose you are selling a top-of-the-line smartphone from brand ABC that has a whole host of the latest features. Let’s imagine the name of the smartphone to be XYZ. So you may think that the product name could simply be ‘ABC XYZ’. However, this product name would not fetch your product the visibility that you might be hoping for.

Instead of such a simple product name, you should try to integrate as many features as possible within the product name. This is part and parcel of every successful seller’s Amazon SEO Strategy. Something such as ‘ABC XYZ Smartphone 8 GB RAM 64 MP Camera’ would get your product more views, as the product name not only has several key features of the product but also targets keywords such as ‘8 GB RAM’ and ’64 MP Camera’; keywords that people generally use to search for smartphones.

#3: Keeping Descriptions Detailed but Easy-to-Understand

The description sections of your product listings offer ample space for you to add all the information about your products that can help customers. It’s advised to use a bulleted list format for the descriptions and you should try to include keywords naturally wherever you can within the description.

If you want well-written descriptions for the products you are selling on Amazon, you should hire the services of an Amazon SEO Consultant. Professional Amazon SEO consultants know exactly how to describe a wide variety of products by using easy-to-understand language. When it comes to descriptions on Amazon, you should strive for accuracy, intelligibility, and of course, the right keyword density.

As a seller, it is a next-to-impossible job to cater to your business’ needs on Amazon. To ensure that its SEO strategy is on-point, you should turn out to an Hire a SEO Expert without further delay.

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