Understanding The Basics Of Google Pay-Per-Click Or PPC Advertising.

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PPC or pay-per-click is a very effective advertising campaign which enables an online business to utilize the Google platform and reach out to a vast audience. It is thus a very powerful and cost-effective strategy to adopt for businesses who want to increase brand awareness and enable conversions by driving qualified traffic to the website.

There are two ways by which Google PPC Services can be enabled.

  • By using Google AdWords: Herein the ads get displayed on the top of the Google search engine as well as on its right-hand side. Thus it makes the ads stand out and be prominently displayed to all search engine users.
  • By using Google Display Network: This displays the ads on those relevant websites wherein there is a higher chance of visibility by prospective customers.

Advantages of using Google AdWords

When target users search for something using specific keywords, Google AdWords enables these searches to reach the business which is running the PPC campaign using the same. Thus there are several advantages associated with this process like:

  • It comes with an inbuilt keyword planner which helps businesses search for relevant long-tailed keywords that are being increasingly used in searches being made by target customer groups. These keywords can subsequently be incorporated in the PPC campaign to increase its visibility.
  • Enables the creation of compelling and engaging ads which are able to deliver messages or information related to the products or services prospective customers are looking out for.
  • A daily budget can be set so that the business does not exceed its allocated limit for spending.
  • It can be used across all devices right from desktops to laptops, smartphones etc.
  • The ability to measure the effectiveness and the success quotient of the ads placed can also be done from features present within Google Ad-words. Hence this becomes a good way to gauge the success of the strategies being used by the PPC Advertising Company India to run the campaign.
  • Ads placed can be paused, restarted, tweaked and tested as and when required.


Advantages of using Google Display Network

This facilitates the placement of the PPC Ads at the right time, in front of relevant people and on the correct sections of websites relevant to the ads. Thus there are several advantages which are also associated with the use of this method like:

  • It gives the option to choose between many different ad formats.
  • Using the google PPC Services Ads can be targeted to reach the niche audience as specified by the business.
  • The pre-made ads that are present enable a business owner to use and customize them as per the online business requirements. The presence of an automatic bidding option enables businesses to set budgets for the ads placed. This feature can be used to reach the highest audience by investing the lowest amount.
  • This also allows the online business owners to track and measure the reach, frequency and performance of the ads placed.

Both have their own advantages and the choice of which process to adopt depends on the needs and requirements of the online business. In fact, it is always better to consult a professional ppc advertising company india to understand which of the two ways would be the most appropriate for the online business for which the PPC campaign is being run.

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