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Gone are the days when digital marketing meant putting up a website and using SEO tactics to reach number one spot on google search results. While that race is still on, the content consumption patterns of the millennials are rapidly changing, and digital marketing must cope up with the change too.

In this article, we present to you the most effective trends of today’s age that have deeply impacted the landscape of digital marketing. A good digital marketer must stick to the old practices, but a great digital marketer needs to run with the changing times. Here are some of the best digital marketing practices in the year 2018.



Go ahead and look at a group of young people in any setting. What are they doing? Chances are they have their heads buried in a small hand-held device that now consumes the most part of their day.

Want to have a doughnut nearby? Search on mobile. Want to book movie tickets? Take out your phone? Instagram app is better than the desktop version and all these are signs that are telling businesses to optimize their content for the mobile.

Mobile devices made the major chunk of online traffic in the year 2017. It is still amusing why some businesses don’t pay any attention to optimizing their online empire for mobiles when clearly it is causing them a lot of customers.

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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence has taken the digital marketing world by storm. Not only the search engines are beyond the simple keywords, they are also beginning to understand what a particular image or media is all about. Artificial Intelligence has made search engines enormously powerful and brought them a lot closer to the human side of searching.

Now your user doesn’t see a content simply because of its ranking on number one spot. The user’s own digital footprints are taken into account, along with his favorite websites, his location, his search history, everything is taken into consideration before he sees a search result. Today, Artificial Intelligence is changing the digital world and every digital marketer must keep an eye on these changes to ensure a better tomorrow.

Consumer Engagement

How many of you remember Coca-Cola’s most successful campaign to the day, Share a Coke! The brand asked people to take selfies and put them online. Youngsters responded with equal fervor, gifting the coke to their loved ones and sharing the moment of happiness online. The result was an astonishing 7 percent hike in coke’s sale and the crazy amount of visibility for the brand.

What do we learn from it? That today’s consumer is way beyond boring, monotonous content. They are watching and seeing things that seem edgy and cool. Influencers on various social media platforms are often finding ways to link brands with their audience and this is how the content is changing in digital marketing.

Don’t get us wrong. The content is still the king. Just that the meaning of content is changing from writing a few words to creating something superior genius, which engages the audience at the same time conveying the message your brands want to send across.

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Influencer Marketing

The TV celebrities are not the only celebrities in the digital world. There are several social media stars, ordinary people who have gathered huge following due to their particular talent or creativity. They have huge fan following which is ready to adapt anything they promote. They are the new faces of the brands. They are now being the mediator between businesses and audiences.

Influencer marketing is thriving like never before. Brands are approaching these creative geniuses to create content that is very unique and engaging. In return, these influencers expose you to thousands and thousands of their followers who are your prospects.

Social Media Analytics

Back in its inception days, social media marketing tracked only the record of your customer engagement. These metrics are now becoming more and more sophisticated and can measure valuable insights for you.

Social Media analytics now tell you the region most of your customers belong to, how attractive do they find your post, the conversion rate, how much time they spent on your website. All these things have made things incredibly easier for the digital marketers. Social Media is more powerful than ever and is one medium you would want to fully optimize for the success of your digital marketing campaign. To optimize your social media profiles and make the best use of Social Media Analytics, you can avail the services of Social Media Optimization Company in Delhi.

So, these were our favourite trends from the currently changing scenario of the digital world. Brands are getting more and more powerful and customers are now more aware than ever. Digital is the new focus of every advertising campaign and why not, the internet is where all your customers are spending most of their days. Utilize these mediums to maximize the results of your digital strategy.

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