Google Revealed the Secret to Page #1 Ranking in 2019

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A lot of people think that by manipulating a few strings here and there in their SEO strategy, they can fool Google into ranking them organically. They, for sure, are in for a big surprise.

Google states in detail in their webmaster guide the kind of ranking practices it disapproves. If your SEO strategy is adopting any of those tactics to rank higher in search results, one day or another, you will definitely be penalized by the search engine.

This simply means that before you go ahead with any kind of strategy for better ranking in the search result, question the authority of it. Has this strategy worked in the past? How relevant is it with current algorithms? How many authority websites are championing the particular strategy? There are too many questions to be asked and too little information.

In this article, we have compiled the most efficient and white hat SEO strategies that will not only help your page rank higher in 2019 but will also relieve you from the misery of penalties and de-indexing from google.
Design_Services_1 Content is Still the King: No matter what you do, something that you can’t neglect ever, is your content marketing strategy.

A user may come to your website seeing the catchy and flashy titles, but they stay for a good content. If users are leaving your page too soon due to your poorly formatted content marketing, your bounce rate will go up, which will inflict tremendous harm on your page rankings. So, before you do any kind of off-page SEO, make sure that your site has quality content which is a major part of on-page SEO.

Lay off Low-Quality Backlinks: If you think that your page will rank better because you have tons of backlinks, then let us break the news that the strategy doesn’t work in 2019 anymore.

Yes, the backlinks still work, but google keeps an eye on the kind of websites you are getting the link juice from. If the websites are not related to your niche or are some shady websites that Google doesn’t rank credible, you might be in for big trouble.

Make sure that you are getting links from relevant websites at all times. The best backlinks can be from the authority sites in that niche and they will boost your page ranking like anything. But in the year 2019, it is finally time to lay off all the irrelevant backlinks. You must get rid of them for good now. To get high-quality backlinks, you may Hire an SEO Consultant.

Do Check the Grammar: If your online content is laden with tons of spelling and grammatical mistakes, you immediately lose credibility in the visitor’s eyes. If more and more people keep leaving your site due to this silly mistake, Google will take notice and penalize your page rankings. Make sure that you have intriguing, effective content all over your pages.

Video Marketing: A growing trend in 2019, video marketing is slowly taking over the primary spot among factors for better page ranking.

A landing page with a quality video screams authority. People are more likely to trust you and more importantly, video marketing has an added advantage in today’s world of going viral. Videos are definitely harder to produce than the content, but they are what today’s generation wants. Efforts in creating a quality video are definitely worth it.


Keywords are Still Important: Right from a great keyword research to sprinkling it in your title, Meta tags and first 100 words, the old school keyword tactics are still relevant. The long tail keywords and LSI keywords matter too. Make sure that you don’t put in keywords in places that break the natural flow of your content and irritate the reader. Stick to limited usage of your keyword and you are good to go. Choose the Top SEO Company in Delhi NCR with research & planning who’s able to rank your keywords higher.

Be Mobile Optimized: In the recent times, the major chunk of the traffic comes from mobile devices. Google definitely cheers the websites that are optimized for mobile and have better loading speed on such devices. Mobile traffic can become the reason for your better page ranking and you would not want to miss that.

Use Multimedia: Usage of images and another kind of multimedia sends the signal to Google that content is well structured and have quality information. They also don’t let your user get bored and add a charm to your otherwise monotonous content.

So, these were our favourite SEO practices that are still championed by Google. Some of them may be old, some of them may be new, but ultimately, they all serve the purpose of taking your pages to number 1 rank in google.

Social media marketing and ads may help you a little, but there no doubt that the number one ranked website on Google still gets the major chunk of traffic and builds authority over users.

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