From 0 to 100 Leads Per Day in Two Months: A DigitalBerge SEO Case Study

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From 0 to 100 Leads Per Day in Two Months: A Digital Berge SEO Case Study 

Marketing and Advertising landscape is changing dramatically across the world..

The challenge for the entrepreneurs is to choose the right agency which can bring maximum results within a limited budget.

SEO has the highest ROI and is a one-time investment, but most of the businesses and entrepreneurs impatiently settle for paid advertising and social media.

In a bid to get quick results, they ultimate get nothing, because they haven’t built any fortress like SEO.

Doing SEO is like building a skyscraper, which has hotels, restaurants, entertainment areas, and office spaces at different floors. It will continue to give you rental income and profits, till the skyscraper exists.


Do you know what a bigger challenge is?

The bigger challenge is to find the right SEO Company in Delhi. SEO Agencies are mushrooming all across the country, but very few people actually know the trick of the trade.

That’s the reason people often don’t get the desired results and they think that SEO is time consuming and an expensive marketing strategy.

Here is the SEO case study of AboardOffices, who are the co-working space aggregators based in New Delhi.

Go through the details of the 3 month campaign for Aboard Offices. This case can be an eye opener for the skeptical entrepreneurs and businessman, who have doubts about the effectiveness of SEO campaigns.

Actually, it all depends on the capabilities of the SEO professionals and the agency you are working with.

With an efficient agency and experienced SEO professionals, everything is possible.

So without further ado, go through the following cases study. – Case Study 


About Aboardoffices – A Coworking Space Aggregator

Aboard Offices is a co-working space aggregator located in Janakpuri,New Delhi. The platform allows the users to list, discover, and book unique co-working spaces.

So, the objective of creating this platform is to help space seekers find co-working spaces without the hassles of rental agreement.

Campaign TypeSEO

Objective: To improve traffic and generate leads

Target Market– Pan India

Campaign Duration – 3 Months

Major Issues on the Website

  • Poor URL Structuring
  • Basic SEO elements were missing on the web pages
  • Un-categorized properties
  • Poor navigation/internal linking of properties on the web pages

Kick-off Meeting with Kshitij Dixit, Founder of Aboard Offices

Digital Berge organized a face to face meeting with Kshitij Dixit, Founder of Aboard Offices, and discussed the following things.

  • Understanding of the business model
  • Objectives of SEO Campaign
  • Issues with the website
  • Technical limitations of the website
  • Setting up ‘MILESTONES’ for next 3 months

Did in-depth analysis of URL structure and suggested the following URL structures:

  • Main Landing Page –
  • Local Page –
  • Sub-local Page –
  • Address Specific local page

Did in-depth analysis of Meta Data and Suggested SEO tags for all the web pages


Optimized the Footer Section of the website by adding all the properties in a proper manner


Worked on indexing of web pages especially the local pages
Did local SEO optimization, Optimized the speed of web pages

SEO Results

Impressions & Clicks got 63,770 impressions and 1005 clicks for 1000+ search queries.


Traffic was improved by 50% in the 2nd month.

Please have a look at the following Google Analytics screenshot.

Average CTR was 1.58%.

Total clicks received were 1005.  Total impressions were a whopping 63,770. It reflects the organic visibility of the website on the web.



Lead Generation

And now, come to our biggest achievement. The prime objective of the campaign was lead generation. We did superbly well in that direction. 


Keywords Ranking Sample Report


Digital marketing professionals with 12+ years of experience

At DigitalBerge SEO Company in India, we have a team of renowned SEO and content marketing professionals with over a decade of experience serving all types of businesses. From startup on shoestring budgets to some of the biggest brands in India and overseas, we have a wide experience in digital marketing. So, when you outsource the services of Digital Berge for your SEO campaigns, rest assured that you are in good hands.


The screenshot below shows that we have been able to secure first spot for Aboard Offices on Google with different keywords. It is important as we achieved it in just three months.DigitalBerge.Img4

At Digital Berge, you will get the worth of every penny you invest in SEO.

Achieve your business objectives such as maximizing visibility, improving user experience, increasing website visitors, and creating a search friendly website.

Synopsis of our SEO strategy for Aboard Offices

We planned a sitewide keyword strategy for Aboard Offices as it is the foundation of a Google friendly website.

Often your site or web pages fail to get high rankings on Google, because of poor URL structuring.

At Digital Berge, we first do the URL structuring, so that your web pages are quickly crawled and indexed by Google spiders and bots.

With extremely professional on-page SEO, we quickly moved to local SEO Optimization of Aboard Offices’ website. Simultaneously, we also did speed optimization of web pages, so that they load quickly. it is one of the biggest ranking factors of Google and Google will not forgive you, if your web pages take a long time to load.

After fixing these basic things, we prepared a strategy according to their business objectives. Lead generation was their biggest priority. We achieved that with cutting edge SEO practices. Apart from that, we also increased quality traffic, Click Through Rate and hot leads.


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                                                       [Compiled by: Nashaat Quadri, Content Marketing Consultant, Digital Berge]

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