4 New Trends in SEO Techniques

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Search engine optimization (SEO) is a continuous process. The best SEO Services Canada and elsewhere need to run SEO campaigns regularly to ensure that they provide effective results. But there is another aspect to SEO. It keeps evolving with time. There are many new trends and techniques that continue to play an increasingly important role in this digital marketing strategy.

Find out what the latest SEO techniques and trends are and how you can utilize them for your benefit.

#1: Voice Search & Apps

Voice search has become a bigger trend because voice-based interaction has become a part of the consumer’s everyday life. Most of the users may still be using voice mostly for basic tasks, there are some areas where it has an important role to play in SEO.

i. Voice Interactions & Local Search

Voice continues to have a bigger influence on local searches. It also helps generate more valuable phone calls for businesses. Studies show that 28% of people who conduct voice search on a business are going to call it.

ii. Long Tail Queries

Voice search SEO is different from traditional SEO. The Best SEO Company UK follow the principles of both traditional and voice SEO.

  • It focuses on optimization of content for long-tail queries
  • When users speak words aloud, they are going to use long-tail keywords
  • You should create answers based on FAQ markup that voice assistants can interact easily with
  • Analyze all the long tail keywords that are most relevant to your business
  • Once your website starts generating decent traffic for your long-tail key-phrases, it is recommended to create your own app or skill for popular virtual assistants
  • Optimize your business’ presence on Google My Business

#2: Increased Importance of UX

User Experience (UX) is a big trend and most SEO Services Provider in Canada and UK understand this. UX covers many areas:

  • The moment of first interaction in the search engine results pages (SERPs)
  • Experience on the landing page
  • Experience after leaving your website

The right SEO service can create strategies to provide the best possible UX while delivering great value to them.

Technical SEO is an integral part of UX. You cannot just rely on Google and other search engines to do everything to compensate for any lacks in your site’s technical aspects. Your SEO agency will have to play a role in building a flawless technical foundation.

Page speed and website speed are important technical SEO elements. Speed reports have now been added to Google Search Console. Similarly, Slow Warning Badges are now shown within Chrome browser. All this can mean that you may have to go back to your website developers. It may also be required to conduct complete overhaul of page templates.

#3: Search Intent Continues to Grow Bigger

Google’s recent algorithm update laid more emphasis on search intent. It is a big step towards teaching machines how humans speak. This can help the search engine in ensuring more accurate search results. SEO Company in Delhi will focus more on optimizing for keyword context and search intent.

#4: Video Will Become Bigger in SEO

Video is expected to continue growing in the SEO domain. It is expected that by next year the average user will spend around 100 minutes a day watching online videos. Similarly, most users who watch videos claim that they can learn more about a product from videos. When videos are integrated into SEO, it helps in improving your brand engagement.

  • Make use of a thumbnail image to get people to click through and watch your video
  • Upload videos on different platforms
  • Add correct schema tags so that search engines can comprehend your video and rank it appropriately in search results
  • Add appropriate captions and transcript
  • Create well optimized title and description

It is also important that the videos are optimized for mobile viewing.

These are some of the most important SEO techniques that will continue to gain importance. And the Best SEO Company UK  and other countries are going to lay a lot of emphasis on them.

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