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Does your company have an active and original online presence? Do you know how valuable social media channels can be in stimulating interest in your brand and developing a loyal customer-base? Our social media management services will take care of all digital media-related content production for you, allowing you to benefit from excellent exposure and business growth without having to know what a “re-gram” is. Social media platforms are amazing tools that your company can use to learn about consumer behavior and stay connected with your followers. The bottom line is that an effective social media marketing program will generate more leads, reduce marketing expenses while connecting you to more customers, build brand awareness, and convert more sales. Keeping up-to-date with the rapid nature of consumer activity will ensure your brand does not get lost in the ocean of content that makes up the internet today. The most important thing to remember about social media platforms is that they are all connected, and they all represent huge potential growth for your business.

  • More Opportunities to Convert– Every post that you make on social media is an opportunity for the customers to convert. Every image, video or blog that you share could lead to a site visit. For every following you build, you can have access to new customers.
  • Higher Conversion Rates– Social Media is the place where brands act like people do. A higher number of followers tends to improve trust in your brand so it can improve conversion rates on your existing traffic.

The 5 basic rules for SMO are

  • Creating shareable content is about determining the content that your audience chooses to share across the social media
  • Make Sharing Easy includes easy tagging and bookmarking your sites
  • Reward Engagement is to like rewarding through liking or tweeting through a promotional offer
  • Proactively sharing Content includes sharing the content beyond your central hub to other partners or platforms
  • Encourage the Mashup is encouraging people to remix your content so that it becomes user generated content.

Our social media optimization services will offer the following services:

Facebook Optimization

Facebook represents a huge market potential for your business – but it can be hard to know where to start. A social media manager will create an optimized Facebook profile for your business that lists your location, homepage, and any other relevant information you might require. They will also produce a monthly content plan that includes 30 status updates and two new promotional images per month. These status updates will be focused on driving consumer traffic to your homepage, or increasing customer engagement through educational updates about the client’s industry. Facebook Ads will also yield an increase in brand awareness. A small monthly budget will be required to maximize your visibility and encourage customers to visit your homepage or spend more time on your Facebook page. A Facebook page full of engaged users and informative posts represents an immense opportunity to monetize.

Twitter Optimization

Twitter also represents amazing monetization potential for your business. Producing leads and expanding market reach is very possible on this platform, but like Facebook, content on Twitter is all about consistency and authenticity. A social media manager will increase your digital presence by providing a daily tweet with images, while also following and re-tweeting industry related brands.This will produce high-quality leads and drive traffic to your website like never before.

LinkedIn, Instagram

Depending on your budget and industry, a social media manager will oversee content on your LinkedIn, and Instagram accounts. While these platforms do not represent the same kind of volume as Facebook and Twitter, they are comprised of loyal customers who want to stay connected to all your company’s activities. Consider this a built-in community that your company should be capitalizing on. A social media manager will ensure you maximize the number of followers on all these platforms by producing consistent, high-quality content that builds your credibility by educating your customers about your business.

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