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If you ever wonder why some of the websites rank better than others, it is because of the best SEO techniques and practices! DigitalBerge is the Best and most Reliable SEO Service Provider company in Delhi, India that carefully selects relevant keywords, designs link building plans as per your specific needs and requirements. As the best SEO Company in India, we help you to get relevant organic traffic from search engines which is the best converting traffic driven from any digital marketing channel.


Search engine optimization (SEO) is a process of improving the quality and quantity of web traffic and your brand exposure by improving your website’s keyword rankings and organic traffic. SEO is not just about search engines, but it is also about people. It goes beyond the technical aspects. With efficient SEO strategies in place, you understand what real people, your target audience, are searching for online, the words they use, the answers they seek, and the content they want to be presented with to address those needs. When you know the answers to these questions, you will be able to connect your target audience with the solutions you provide. And this is where we, DigitalBerge, help you as your Trusted SEO Service Provider in Delhi/NCR India.  One aspect of SEO is about knowing the intent of your audience. The other aspect is delivering what search engines will be able to find, ‘comprehend’, and index. DigitalBerge provides premium SEO services in India by taking care of the varied aspects of SEO marketing.


SEO is a strategy that has evolved to a level that covers all aspects of website development and content creation. We are committed to providing you with the Best SEO Services in India, we ensure that it is done right and effectively. This helps create an excellent UX for your target audience, further growing their trust in your brand. The primary goal behind embracing SEO services is to demonstrate your value to the likes of Google, Bing, and other search engines. When these search engines know your brand’s value, your web pages will start ranking high for search keywords relevant to your content. SEO’s importance lies in its ability to help your customers find your brand and website with ease and without much effort. There are many ways in which an SEO company in India can help businesses in their growth and achievement of their goals. DigitalBerge provides focused services which are customized to suit your industry requirements.


Organic search forms the fundamental to the SEO strategies and website performance of any business. It is also a key component in the sales funnel and plays one of the biggest roles in engaging your target audience or converting them into a loyal consumer base. DigitalBerge holds a credible reputation in the market and boasts of a rapidly growing clientele across the globe. Today, we are one of the Best SEO Agencies in India. We help your brand to gain high visibility and reach through Google, Bing, etc. This further helps drive the majority of web traffic to your website from diverse online sources.


At DigitalBerge, our goal as a trusted SEO Service Provider in India is to build a strong online marketing foundation for your business. Our SEO Services are directed towards making your website readily discoverable in search engine result pages (SERP). With our trusted SEO services, we help you build trust and credibility for your business in the online arena. Our main focus is on establishing authority for your business within a business vertical. We help your business website generate qualitatively as well as quantitative traffic using the following SEO elements:

  • High-quality niche-based back-links
  • Well-optimized on-page elements
  • Optimized on-page and off-page content
  • Positive user behavior

SEO provider services can aid your business in establishing authority on search engines for your brand that goes beyond other forms of digital strategies. Building credibility through SEO services is also a long-term process and takes time to help you earn and build authority on a subject matter or industry. It takes time, effort, commitment, and patience to establish a brand as an authority. And this is where we come into the picture as the top SEO company in India


Google understands how to interpret positive or negative UX. In fact, the search giant has also made it official that UX is one of the most important factors in its ranking algorithms. So, positive UX is critical to the success of a website. The intention behind the search engine experience is to provide your users with the required information in the fewest possible clicks and keystrokes, and with ease and speed. Our quality SEO services in India incorporate a positive UX, making the most of it to work in your favor. It brings into use a variety of on-page optimization and strategies that help provide better user interactivity as well as search engine crawl-ability and thus, helps reduce the bounce rate on the website. Our team of experts leading the best SEO company in India is focused on building greater brand awareness by improving the user experience continuously.


If you have been running your business for some time, you would know how important and difficult it is to maintain a portfolio and drive conversions. This is where we help you achieve your goals. SEO provider services strive to plan and implement a strategy that guarantees your business success.

  • Higher search visibility helps in achieving greater results
  • Ensure high visibility in your SERPs and then in the form of monetary results, but it demands a regular investment of time, money, and effort

You will need a plan and the expertise of DigitalBerge to achieve success with search engine optimization. You can trust the best SEO agency in India to strategize digital marketing methods that yield superior results.


As a trusted SEO service provider company in Delhi NCR, we help you benefit from high Return on Investment or ROI. We help you set realistic goals in your SEO campaign that help drive the results. We help you analyze your market competition, conduct in-depth keyword research for the top-ranking keywords, dissect the online marketing campaigns run by your immediate market competition and build strategies to revamp your website, improve optimization of your website’s SEO elements and add new life to your mundane SEO and social media campaigns. Our trusted SEO services are backed by powerful and in-depth analytics that makes this strategy easy to track, allowing you to assess the progress. Organic SEO is much more powerful than other forms of digital marketing methods and you must include it into your overall marketing strategy. We help you improve search engine visibility for your website at a comparatively affordable price to other online marketing methods


SEO begins at the top of the sales funnel and allows you to push your audience down it by creating the right content. The top of the funnel is right where your audience is located. SEO is at the start of this funnel and helps you draw and push them down to the middle of the funnel. It is during this first phase of the purchase cycle that a user lands on your page. As the best SEO services company in India, we ensure that you have the right SEO elements on your website and you convert the user traffic into a sales lead. We ensure they have the right content available at the right spot to keep them coming back to your website. A well-optimized website offering good information, useful resources and that is well-labeled for search engine indexing is the best tool for online marketing. Our trusted SEO services begin with:

  • Understanding your target audience
  • Keyword research
  • Learning their language

As your trusted search engine optimization SEO company in Delhi NCR, we take care of all these aspects.


As the best SEO agency in India, we lay on technical, on-page, and off-page search engine optimization. Find out what these different areas in SEO stand for.


Technical SEO addresses the technical elements that influence your website’s visibility in search engines. Through this, we focus on ensuring that search engine crawlers rapidly index your website. Experts at the best SEO service provider company take the following steps when addressing this part of your search engine optimization campaign:

  • Checking and optimizing robots.txt to allow search engines to properly access your website
  • Adding and verifying your website with Google Search Console. Clearly specific the preferred domain.
  • Using coverage reports for finding and fixing crawl errors
  • Creating XML sitemap and submitting to all important search engines
  • Optimizing the website and URL structures
  • Creating websites that load quickly on all types of devices
  • Following SEO-friendly web design policies


As the name suggests, on-page SEO is about making your web pages friendlier to both search engines and your target audience. Search engines rank a website at the page level and not as a whole. This makes it important to optimize each page on a website.

Some of the key on-page SEO provider services and practices that we cover include the following:

  • PAGE TITLES: The page titles are optimized. These titles appear in the search results and need to be attention-drawing for the users. The page title should provide search engine crawlers with information on what type of content exists on a page.
  • H1 TAG: The H1 tag appears as the top heading of a web page. It has almost the same value as the page title. HEADINGS: The sub-headings are also optimized. Sub-headings (H2 tag, H3 tag, and so on) make a page easier to scan for search engine crawlers and read for visitors.
  • IMAGES: As a top SEO company in India we go to great lengths to optimize all the images used on your web pages. This is important to make search engines understand what each image stands for. This will require optimizing the image’s filename, ALT text, and file size.
  • FORMATTING: A page containing textual and visual elements will also need to be formatted to meet the best SEO practices. Google does have tools to understand how a web page looks to a user. The use of popups, large ads, and other intrusive content can affect the ranking algorithms.


Technical and on-page SEO is focused on the infrastructure and content on the website, but our off-page SEO services are about promoting your website using the right strategies. This type of search engine optimization is based on an important premise – a more popular website is more likely to rank higher on search engines than a less popular website. Our team of experienced consultants makes us one of the best SEO service providers in Delhi in maximizing off-page SEO. The key off-page SEO elements and strategies followed by DigitalBerge include the following:

  • LINK BUILDING: This is a process for generating backlinks from other relevant websites. Such links help increase your website’s authority and work as votes of trust.
  • BRAND PROMOTION: Off-page SEO also focuses on promoting your brand and encouraging conversations on social media websites and forums. Social media signals are also a strong ranking factor for Google and other search engines.


Content marketing is a part of on-page SEO. This type of search engine optimization is concentrated on creating high-quality content. Content SEO has evolved to become its own full-fledged field. Being top SEO service providers, our goal is to create and publish content that is understood by search engines and loved by users. We have an experienced team of SEO experts in Delhi that take care of your content marketing campaigns. Some of the key elements and practices addressed by DigitalBerge are as follows:

  • KEYWORD RESEARCH: The content creation process begins with keyword research. The most important keywords for each page are identified and incorporated into the content. The process also involves finding semantically related keywords (LSI keywords) and long-tail keywords and optimizing the titles, headings, and content with them.
  • LONG-FORM CONTENT: We create long-form and detailed content that provides users with all the information they need. The keywords also provide search engines the clue required to comprehend the content’s context and progress with indexing.
  • LINKING OUT: One part of a content marketing strategy is to link out to other relevant and authoritative websites. This also involves linking out to other web pages on your website to provide more useful information.

Content SEO also includes the use of structured data to direct search engines to key areas of the content.


DigitalBerge is arguably the best SEO services provider company in India through our research and analytics-based SEO, we help create efficient SEO strategies that in turn help in building a successful online presence for your company.


Our SEO audit services help you determine where you stand. It makes it possible to measure your results against a baseline. As the best SEO agency in India, we will be auditing your website before creating your SEO strategies. Some of the ways in which our SEO audit services benefit you include:

  • Finding whether your web design is user-friendly, reliable, and easy to navigate
  • Finding any issues that may be slowing down the load speed
  • Checking the links are working properly and sending visitors to the right website
  • Checking your website’s performance in your SERPs against selected keywords
  • Checking the content on your website whether it is optimized for optimal conversions


At DigitalBerge, we use the best keyword research websites and tools that help identify the relevant and top-ranking keywords within your industry. We perform keyword research to select and finalize keywords for different web pages. We optimize your website content as well as leverage your online marketing campaigns with the new set keywords selected to ensure top ranking for your website and useful back-link generation to it, respectively. As the best SEO services in India, we ensure that your keyword density is optimized to drive the maximum traffic to your website. Keywords are chosen for your SEO strategies based on the following factors:

  • Demand
  • Relevance
  • Competition

Keywords with lower competition are often targeted to help achieve top search rankings with more ease and speed. We include a combination of short-tail, long-tail, and local keywords to achieve this. Voice search optimization is also one of the important SEO elements used by our experts. We research and find keywords used in voice search and optimize your content accordingly. The growing proliferation of voice assistants has added a new dimension to search engine optimization in India. Voice search typically comprises long-tail keywords in the question form and uses more natural language.


Successful SEO strategies are developed on the foundation of high-quality and rich content. DigitalBerge, the best SEO services company in India, helps to optimize your web content, blogs, and articles with well-researched keywords that your target audience is searching for. We create the best conduct that scores high on language, usability as well as industry expertise.

Some of the key attributes of high-quality and successful content are as follows:

  • Educates your visitors about the subject
  • Provides answers to a specific question visitors come looking for
  • Provides solutions to a problem your visitors have
  • Provides your visitors with additional information about a product, service, or event

Quality content and the right content strategy empower your SEO strategy like anything. It also acts as an effective tool, increasing retention and shares on social networks. It is important that your content is interesting, informative, captivating, and engaging. To ensure that your target audience is provided with the exact information they require, you should only partner with the best SEO service provider company in India.


Smartphones have revolutionized the digital space and they are here to stay for a long time. At DigitalBerge, we take the right steps to ensure that your website is mobile-friendly. Over 50% of the global web traffic comes from mobile devices. Besides, more video content is consumed on mobile than on desktop. Our mobile SEO services are a subset of search engine optimization and an important SEO strategy that is incorporated in our digital marketing strategy. A significant part of our SEO provider services includes a constant updating of digital marketing strategies according to market trends. Some of the key attributes of our mobile-friendly SEO strategy include:

  • Faster mobile response times
  • Use of images that contribute to responsiveness
  • Text formats that adapt to any screen size

As part of our value-added Website Development Services in India, your website is redesigned to adapt to the device so that it is responsive and adheres to the guidelines set by Google’s algorithm for mobile websites.


As the best SEO services company in India, we follow SEO best practices when creating your web page URLs. URLs that are long or have random letters can affect your search engine page ranking.

You should know that a webpage’s URL affects both search engines and users.

We ensure the following as your trusted SEO Optimization Services provider:

  • An optimized URL will be easy to read
  • It should provide a clear idea of the content on the page
  • The use of random characters is avoided
  • URLs should contain the targeted keywords for the page

Quality URLs are best kept short and hyphens are used in place of underscores to separate words.


One of the most important parts of an SEO campaign is to keep track of the progress. As an exemplary SEO agency in India, DigitalBerge periodically and consistently tracks your results. We use both proprietary and other tools to monitor the effectiveness of the SEO campaigns.

These include:

  • Following improvements in search engine ranking for different keywords
  • Find the content and types of content performing better
  • Track growth and decline in web traffic
  • Compare web presence against the competition

Our detailed SEO analytics help in making constant improvements to your SEO strategy, helping grow your traffic, conversions, and business. With our diverse SEO services, we help your business achieve the following:

  • IMPROVED VISIBILITY: We audit your website, identify and fix errors, and optimize it. You start noticing improvements in your SEARCH ENGINE PAGE RANKING. Getting to the top in your SERPs takes some time, but you still notice the growth in visibility with improved organic traffic within a few weeks of starting your campaign.
  • IMPROVED UX: One of the tenets of SEO is that it involves improved UX. We achieve this by removing errors, duplicate content, and poor redirects on your website. Our team at the top SEO company India understands that UX has become almost central to Google’s search ranking algorithm.
  • IMPROVED ENGAGEMENT: Improved user experience makes it easier for your visitors to get around your website and find the required information. It takes fewer clicks for your visitors to get to the page where the desired information can be found. This improves engagement and repeats visits to your website.

As a premier SEO service provider company in Delhi / NCR, we emphasize the use of white hat SEO practices that help establish a business in their respective domains. Over the years, we have partnered with small, medium, and leading businesses across India and the world to help them achieve higher visibility, greater reach, and a top reputation in the market. DigitalBerge is the most trusted SEO Company in India which provides 360-degree marketing solutions. Our reputation as the best SEO services company in India owes greatly to our ability to evolve and adapt to our client’s requirements. We prioritize your interest over anything else and are always looking forward to ways of serving your needs better.

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