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What is the single most important thing that helps you connect with your customers? It is not the customer experience, not quality of the service or how exceptionally your product performs, because these come later in the customer journey. The first and the foremost thing that customers interact with is your name. The name of your establishment, of your business or your shop that helps them remember you. But along with the name, a logo, an emblem or something similar will help you leave a mark in your client’s memory. The moment they see it; your customers will be able to relate it with the wonderful customer experience they had or how exceptional was the quality off the product / services that they received from you. A logo brings back happy memory and increases the brand’s recall value which is why it is Important that you hire the Best Website Designing and Development Company like ours for Logo Design Services.

At DigitalBerge, we understand your business and the exact message you wish to disseminate through the websites content, the logo on it and the kind of feelings you wish your clients should experience once they look at your name / logo. A logo is not just an image. It is the representation of your business. It is the single most important identity that your business can have. Large organizations spend millions just to get the design and colours of their logo right. While you might not be able to spend that much amount, the logo design services which we offer are nothing short of what millions will get you. Our team of experts consist of designers, artists and visual wizards who can bring to life any designs that your might have in mind.

Various kinds of logo design services at affordable rates

There are different types of logos that you can opt for when you hire us for your logo design services. You can go for minimalistic logos that scream simplicity, you can opt for complex logos that display sophistication, you can choose a bold and colourful logo that shows vibrancy or multifaceted nature of services or you can go for logos containing initials that are a classic. Whichever be your choice, our logo design services are totally affordable and at very competitive rates. The team will sit with you and understand the heritage of your business, the kind of services and products that you have to offer, what is the objective that you want to achieve through your business and in much more. In the process, you might be able to rediscover certain aspects of your business as well while letting us know how you wish to be perceived in the minds of your clients.

DIY vs Professional logo design services

It might occur to you that since you know your business the best, it is better to design the logo yourself. As it is there are hundreds of DIY design websites that help you do that at a fraction of a cost of what you will pay to professionals and in some cases for free of charge. While your intentions are pure and good, you might not end up with something that is best for you. The disadvantages of going the DIY route are as follows:

  • You will not get a personalized design that is unique to you
  • You will always end up with sub-optimal designs
  • The result might not be free from copyright
  • You might not be able to get a trademark for the logo
  • The result might be appealing to you but without research into mass appeal stats, it would be a waste of time and efforts

When you opt for professional logo design services, what you get is a perfect, beautiful and unique logo that has been curated by experts who have decades of experience in the field. At DigitalBerge we ensure that all the designs are free from copyright issue and can be applied for a trademark if you intend to. Not only this, our design consultants understand the human psyche and know what design elements will appeal to the masses, what will induce the right feelings that you wish to generate in your customers and thousands of such important parameters.

Why hire us for your logo?

Apart from the usual expertise, affordability, customer experience, quality services that we are sure each one of our competitor has to offer, what you get at DigitalBerge is personalized attention and a team that has its skin in the game. We listen to every detail that you have to give us and actually incorporate your ideas into the design not just put on paper what we think will be best for you. Logo design services can be offered by anyone but, the kind of attention and customer orientation our team has is hard to find in the markets.

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