Location Recce / Scouting Services in India

If you are planning to shoot a film, a documentary, TV series or a still photography shoot you have landed on the right place!India has emerged as a major film destination in the last couple of years. Many film companies the world over are now choosing India over other countries as India offers a great variety of film locations ranging from natural landscapes to hurly-burly of cities to historic monuments to choose from. Indeed India fits whatever the demand of the film, from desert to snow-capped mountains, from sea beaches to forests and exotic islands, India has it all.

Apart from this India has a good film environment because India happens to be one of the biggest producers of the films in the world. This has naturally led to availability of film talent in the country. You can get the best cinematographer, sound recordists, light men and what have you in India at very reasonable rates. Apart from this here you do not need to carry the equipment as everything is available from high-end cameras to cranes, lights, sound equipment and so on.

However, to shoot in India one needs local support ( Location Scouting Services ) that we provide to our clients. India is divided among provinces and each province has its set of rules and regulations which must be abided by. So a number of permissions and NOCs have to be obtained before the shooting can take place. Moreover, security issues need to be addressed. We at Digital Berge not only get you the necessary permissions, NOCs but also arrange for security, hotels, transport, manpower and anything that you might need for the shoot. Since every film’s locations depend upon its storyline we carefully study the storyline and your requirement to give you the best location possible. It is for this reason that DigitalBerge location recce services and location scouting services are trusted by so many film units. In the years gone by DigitalBerge has given film logistic &  location scouting services to some of the most renowned film companies from around the world.

We at Digitalberge provide all the logistic, creative production services that is essential for your shoot in India. We have a team that takes care of all your needs- getting necessary permissions, location hunting & Reconnaissance survey, props, crew and equipment rental. We facilitate it all at very reasonable rates and in given deadlines. Our team makes sure that you only concentrate on the creative work while we take care of all the production hassles that filmmakers normally go through.

We provide for:

    • Location Scouting and Location Recce services for Filming in India – We get you the right place for your film shooting which is feasible and secure. Also, get you the necessary govt./ local authorities permissions and do’s and don’t.
    • Film Crew Services Providers – we provide camera person, sound recordist, Lightman, crane man, etc.
    • Logistics Services Providers: It includes fixing your stay, transportation, tickets, etc.
    • Film Equipment Rental Services Providers: We shall get you the state-of-the-art equipment at reasonable rates for your film shoot in India as per your requirement.

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