Google Adwords Campaign Management Services

Google AdWords, more precisely Google Ads, is the most widely used Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising Service. With a desktop market share of 89.95%, Google is without doubt the most important search space for you to target with your ads. However, Google AdWords’ settings can be quite complex for you to manage on your own. This is where our Adwords Campaign Management services come to your help, simplify the entire process for you, and help you achieve success. We leverage the power of AdWords to help your brand reach your target audience through the Google Search Network and the Google Display Network.

Google AdWords Options

At DigitalBerge, our Adwords Campaign Management services cover all the different ad types available under AdWords to help you achieve your goals. This includes the following options:

  • Search Ads: These Google Ads are the list of ads appearing on top of the organic listing whenever someone searches using your targeted keywords. The search ads displayed in above the Google search results depend on factors like the location targeted, search terms, relevance of ad copy, landing page quality, bids, and quality score among others.
  • Display Ads: These Google Ads are highly popular and appear on different places on a web-page. These ads aren’t displayed to searchers, but depend on various factors such as keywords, management placements, and audience interest among others. Display ads are shown on websites that support the advertising program. The targeting criteria taken into account include keywords, re-marketing, placements, and topic.
  • Shopping Ads: Our Adwords Campaign Management services also cover Shopping Ads that are perfect for retailers. It helps in boosting traffic to your website, drives high quality leads, and increases conversions. These ads appear on the Google search network.
  • Video Ads: As the name suggests, these involves running video ads on Google Display Networks and YouTube. We at DigitalBerge help you achieve better targeting based on factors like demographic, interest, location, keywords, and devices. This Adwords Campaign Management service helps you increase your brand’s reach, as video has become one of the most consumed content on both desktop and mobile devices.

Our Adwords Campaign Management Process

Our Adwords Campaign Management process includes the following steps to help you reach your targeted audience:

Campaign Set Up

The Google Ad-words (Google Ads) campaign set up stage includes the following steps:

  • Keyword Research: We conduct a thorough research to identify the keywords most relevant to your products/services, which are being searched by your target audience. Our goal is to find the most effective keyword opportunities that exist for your brand.
  • Competition Research: We also conduct a competitor research to find keywords, landing pages and ads that generate highly effective results.
  • Ad Creation: Our specialized ad copy-writing experts draft your ad copy based on the context and intent of the targeted keywords.
  • Landing Page Creation: During this step, our expert copywriters and designers work together to create landing pages that have a compelling effect on the visitors to convert them into leads and sales.
  • Phone Call Conversion Set Up: We also set up phone call conversion tracking to measure the performance of your campaigns.

Once all these aspects are addressed, we will set up your AdWords campaign, while ensuring that the proper settings are chosen. This covers settings like ad extensions, geo-targeting, network targeting, conversion targeting, and device targeting parameters

Ongoing Optimization

Our Adwords Campaign Management experts manage and optimize your campaigns for achieving optimal ROI. The different steps in the ongoing optimization stage are as follows:

  • Bid Optimization: Our AdWords experts edit your bids to optimize your ROI. When certain keywords are generating more profits, we will increase the bids to generate more traffic.
  • A/B Split Testing: Both ads and landing pages are tested to improve CTRs and conversion rates. Different versions of ad copy and landing pages are tested to ensure that the highest performers receive the most focus and budget.
  • Consultation: With more than a decade of experience behind us, we also provide Adwords Campaign Management consultation to help improve your campaign performance. Our consultation services are driven by the goal to help you improve your advertising ROI.
  • Regular Reporting & Analysis: Periodical reports are generated to help you keep track of your campaign performance. We also analyze your reports and make adjustments to improve performance.

We at DigitalBerge are constantly innovating and improving our Adwords Campaign Management processes to help you achieve your goals.

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