Explainer Video Production Services

Explainer videos provide a highly effective marketing medium because of the inherent properties to video format. Explainer videos are concise, directly explain a problem and its solution, allow creativity, are versatile, and can be used to treat both existing clients and new customers. DigitalBerge #1 explainer video production company in India helps you leverage the benefits of this form of promotion by providing Explainer Video Production services.


Video Marketing Statistics

The importance of Explainer Video Production can be determined from the following facts:

  • Studies show that over 70% of all online traffic now consists of video
  • Surveys involving online shoppers show that almost 90% agree that explainer videos are helpful in making sound buying decision
  • Explainer videos shorter than 15 seconds are likely to be shared 37% more times
  • A larger percentage of senior executives prefer watching explainer videos

Explainer videos provide a highly versatile medium to reach your target audience. Your company can use them on different types of platforms including:

  • Company website’s Landing pages
  • Company Newsletters
  • Company Website
  • Video sharing sites like YouTube and Vimeo
  • Company Blogs
  • Mobile devices
  • Crowdfunding presentations

And almost anywhere else.

DigitalBerge #1 SEO Company in Delhi NCR produces best Explainer videos by making use of memorable and attention-grabbing visuals to make a strong impression on your audience with your products/services and brand.


Explainer Video Types

Our Explainer Video Production services cover all the different types of Explainer videos including the following:

  • Animated explainer videos
  • Whiteboard explainer videos
  • Live-action explainer videos
  • Screencast explainer videos

Explainer videos, when created properly can help increase your company’s conversions and reduce the bounce rates.


Our Explainer Video Production Process

We have developed a proven approach to transforming our client ideas into highly-engaging and results-driven Explainer videos. Some of the key aspects of our company’s Explainer Video Production process are as follows:

Conceptualization and Script

Our experienced script writers gather all relevant information about your company, brand and products. An engaging story is conceptualized and transformed into a script after reviewing with client.

Our animated video experts provide your company complete strategy consultation to help in identifying how an Explainer video, whether for marketing or internal communication purposes, can be integrated into your marketing efforts. Our team works with you to determine the video styles that best address your company/ business goals.


The storyboard represents the visual elements displayed in the animation and synchronized with the voiceover. You will review the storyboard and once your feedback is integrated into it, we move to the next step.


During this step, we will show your company the illustrations of the characters to be used in your company/brand Explainer videos.

Voice Over Recording

Once the characters are approved, our talented voiceover professionals will be tested to record their voiceover. Once your approval is received, the recording is carried out in the language of your choice.


This is the final step in the process. This part of the process takes place in multiple phases, with each one requiring your approval.


Why Choose Us as Explainer Video Production Company?

DigitalBerge #1 Explainer Video Production Company, we have  talented and experienced team of animators, writers, and artists who follow a tradition of producing high-quality Explainer videos, over the years. We have completed hundreds to top-notch videos for our clients from all over the world. Our company’s quality Explainer video production services have helped us built an excellent reputation as an Explainer video production company and best video production company/ house in Delhi NCR.

Our creative team has specialized knowledge in the production and publishing of Explainer Videos. We have completed Explainer Video Production projects for clients from a wide range of industries worldwide. We are a full-service agency and our services cover the complete life-cycle of Explainer videos. And our profile as a full-fledged online marketing service means that we have all the tools and expertise required to help you achieve with your marketing campaigns.

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