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Today, it is a well-established fact that Corporate Reputation Management is a critical element of any Corporate Brand Image. Despite the growing importance of this aspect, many organizations haven’t yet built a strategy to manage it.

It is important to realize that Corporate Brand Reputation has both direct and indirect influence on your Organization’s brand image, revenues, and profit margins. And at DigitalBerge, our corporate reputation management services help you build the right strategy and implement it to address this important aspect.

So What is Corporate Reputation Management?

Corporate reputation management involves controlling those media messages that have potential impact on your organization’s reputation. Good Corporate Reputation Strategy implementation has the power to attract investors, boost sales, and attract great talent.

The implementation involves blending Search Engine Optimization, Reputation Marketing, Social Media Management, PR, and Brand Reputation Management to achieve the desired goals. Our corporate online reputation management services help ensure that your organization appears in a positive way in search results.

Addressing the Corporate Reputation Management Challenge

We at DigitalBerge address your negative corporate search results at all the different levels. The following Corporate ORM challenges face all organizations today and we help address them professionally:

  • Weak Online Presence: Corporate success is closely related to how great a workplace you offer to your employees to work in. This aspect makes your organization a great company, but a weak online presence may be hampering your brand image. The most common issue here is that your employees love their jobs, but they never leave any employer reviews. Our Corporate Reputation Management Services help make your brand’s online presence stronger.
  • Negative Online Reviews: Branded search queries always display review sites. If those results display negative reviews, you have to take steps to enhance your brand image. Negative reviews, whether genuine or not, have the strong potential to scare away both new customers and talent.
  • Negative Articles: Bad press is an integral part of life for corporations. Issues like product recalls and missed financial goals are common and can create negative news cycles and can become viral news. Professional Corporate Reputation Management Services can help build the right strategies to push such news and articles off page one.
  • Social Media Image: When it comes to social media management, you have both dedicated followers and trolls to take care of. A simple post that doesn’t comply with a segment’s beliefs can create a backlash. The right strategies help you handle such situations effectively.
  • Corporate Crisis Management: You have to have more than a strong online presence to negate the influence of bad press. Controlling more digital assets can help in delivering important messages with higher precision.

Our Corporate Reputation Management Services

Even if you are the best company on the planet, managing good reputation requires set up proper processes and take regular action to protect your brand. We develop customized strategies for each one of our client. However, some of the proven steps in our Corporate Reputation Management Services process are as follows:

  • Positive Content: We promote all positive news about your organization – from hiring to company culture to growth. We also emphasize your CRS initiatives and make sure that online publishers are also highlighting them.
  • Social Media Presence: All of your social media profiles and networks are claimed and optimized to help you rank high for branded search queries.
  • Online Mentions: We know how to discover and take care of negative content before it secures a stronghold on page one in search results.
  • Brand Authority: Thought leadership articles and media mentions can help in building your brand authority and trust.
  • Making the Most of SEO: We implement proven SEO Strategies to overcome the most challenging brand reputation issues.

Your organization’s online reputation is too valuable in today’s digital context. We have experienced Corporate Reputation Management Services teams to help you address the challenges that exist.

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