Success Story of DigitalBerge in Amazon SEO for a Boost in Sales of UMA Home Decor to 556%.


The Success Story of Deco79 – Digital Berge
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With a legacy of 40 years, UMA Home Décor is one of the largest distributors in North America for home décor and furnishings. The company is known for its eclectic collection of trendy decorative pieces that flash an edge of creative diversity. With multiple retail partnerships across the USA and beyond, UMA Home Décor deftly executes an impressive supply chain from its 1 million square foot distribution centre, located in Chino (California). The company also operates its Amazon Store under the brand name DECO79, reaching out directly to homeowners and interior décor enthusiasts.

UMA Home Décor had been operating its Amazon Store under the brand name DECO79 for quite some time. Nevertheless, even with its stellar brand reputation, the competition was tough as other Amazon Stores are offering likewise décor items.

In business, consistency is the key to unrivalled success. So whether it is a start-up or an established brand like UMA Home Décor/DECO79, to stay ahead of the competitors, the company is expected to remain consistent in their performance, productivity, customer service, supply chain efficacy, marketing strategies, and sales execution. It’s the convergence of the aforementioned that propels growth and enhances the visibility of a brand.

UMA Home Décor had been operating its Amazon Store under the brand name DECO79 for quite some time. Nevertheless, even with its stellar brand reputation, the competition was tough as other Amazon Stores are offering likewise décor items. When you are competing against other brands on such a massive ecommerce platform like Amazon, it all comes down to your visibility compared to other brands in front of the target audience.

Hence, one has to put their A-game forward when strategizing the Amazon store optimization techniques to increase visibility and generate more organic traffic, which automatically boosts sales.
UMA Home Décor reached out to Digitalberge’s online marketing team with specific requirements. It was to help them boost their DECO79 Christmas sales on Amazon for the year 2020 within two and a half months. With more than 10000 SKUs to optimize in such a short period, it was one of the most challenging projects undertaken by Digitalberge.

There was a lot to do, but time was a major concern for our team. Nevertheless, the agency put its best experts with specialization in Amazon store optimization in touch with the company and immediately they started collaborating with the in-house ecommerce account manager.

There were multiple challenges in this project, to begin with, and the team had to strategize a compact strategy to eliminate the hurdles and yield positive results.

Here’s a quick overview of the areas in DECO79’s Amazon SEO campaign that required action:

• The team had to conduct extensive keyword research to find the high ranking ones for each SKU.

• Detailed competitors’ keywords research and analysis were necessary.

• They were required to identify at least 15 to 20 keywords for each SKU basing the research on the material of the product, category, colour, dimensions, usage, and likewise. While doing the same the marketers realized that the Amazon search terms/keywords were missing from the SKUs. That itself added to the worries.

• Each SKU product description had to be embedded with the target keyword search terms to attract significant traction on the product.

• The target keywords had to be distributed proportionately across the product descriptions and features.

• There was a requirement for high-quality content for each SKU that would merge the keywords with the descriptions and features organically, without any inaccuracies, grammatical errors, while maintaining the content standards of a leading USA-based brand.

• After content creation, each had to be checked for plagiarism, which was equally time-consuming, but unavoidable to the least.

Furthermore, Digitalberge had to get approval from the company regarding the keywords and everything else before moving forward with the strategy towards implementation and execution. The existing ecommerce optimization processes in place were loosely supported by a collection of legacy tools.

Hence, there was a serious lack of a proper marketing architecture that would help in research, tracking, audits, and report generation. Least to say, it was a complex task with very limited time for Digitalberge to streamline everything and deliver the results that they had promised to UMA Home Décor.

At the end of the Amazon SEO campaign, DigitalBerge was able to deliver the following results:

• Improvement in organic ranking for all 10000 ASINs.
• A boost in organic traffic on DECO79 Amazon Store.
• Increase in brand visibility, brand mentions, and searches for DECO79.

The sales team for DECO79 under UMA Home Décor reported a staggering 556% growth in Christmas sales.