From Falling Rankings and Traffic To 76% Growth in Organic Traffic


SEO Casestudy Infodrive India
Import Export
Target Market
PAN India
Organic Traffic & Goals

Infodrive India is India’s leading and most trusted export import market research company. Launched in 1996, it has been bridging the gap of authentic and meaningful information required for Export Import Trade since then.

It’s serving 22,000+ clients that include the world’s leading consulting companies delivering Export Import information from more than 80 countries on over 22,000 products.


Major Issues found on the Website


  • Drop in organic traffic
  • Drop in keyword rankings
  • The drastic drop in the number of indexed web pages
  • Issues with indexing of web pages
  • Similar web content or template issues on 4 major sections


Kick-off Meeting with Mr. Raakesh Saraff, Founder at Infodrive India


Digitalberge organized a face to face meeting with Mr. Raakesh Saraff, Founder at InfodriveIndia and discussed the following things:

  • Understanding of the Business Model
  • Objective of SEO Campaign


Issues with the website:

  • Drop in organic traffic
  • Drop in keyword rankings
  • A drastic drop in the number of indexed web pages
  • Issues with indexing of web pages
  • Similar web content or template issues on 4 major sections

SEO Optimization of 4 important Sections

  • Product Section
  • Company Section
  • Country Data Section
  • HS Code Section


Schema Code Implementation

  • Breadcrumbs Schema Code
  • Organization Schema Code
  • Postal Address Schema Code
  • Website Schema Code
  • Search Box Schema Code
  • Web Page Schema Code
  • Corporation Schema Code
  • Site-Navigation-Element Schema Code


Set up ‘MILESTONES’ for next 6 months

Web Page Indexing Strategy

Crawling of complete website

Crawled 20 lac web pages using:

  • Fast dedicated Internet connection
  • Dedicated server to crawl 20 lac URLs
  • Invested 4-5 days to crawl complete website

Analyzed 20 lac web pages and recommended changes to:

  • Robots.txt
  • XML sitemap
  • Previous/Next Rel Tags on Pagination


Web Page Indexing Result


Number of indexed pages before optimization was 235,000

Number of indexed pages after optimization is 475,000


On-Site SEO Strategy


On-Site SEO optimization of 4 major sections PRODUCT, COMPANY, COUNTRY DATA & HS CODE

  • Keywords Research & Analysis
  • Keywords Mapping & Bucketing
  • Recommend Meta Data Template with ‘Call to Action’ to Increase CTR
    • Title Tags
    • Meta Description
    • H1 Tags
  • Recommend Web Content Tweaking & Optimization
  • Review Code & Suggested to Remove Unused Code to Reduce Page Size/Load Time


Shared Complete Guide for AMP Pages Designing & Development


Recommended Industry/Sector Wise Categorization of Products

  1. Recommended to Add ‘Reviews & Rating’ from Facebook to Increase CTR
  2. Internal Liking Recommendation – to Send link juice to lower ranked internal pages
  3. Reviewed website’s top 100 pages driving maximum traffic to the website and recommended them to add ‘Call to Action’ to boost leads/sales
  4. Reviewed website’s top 100 pages driving maximum traffic to the website and recommended to optimize speed for better visibility & rankings


Schema Code Implementation

  • Recommended schema code for table section
  • Schema Code RnD Recommendation:
    1. Breadcrumbs Schema Code
    2. Organization Schema Code
    3. Postal Address Schema Code
    4. Data Set Schema Code
    5. Website Schema Code
    6. Search Box Schema Code
    7. Web Page Schema Code
    8. Corporation Schema Code
    9. Site-Navigation-Element Schema Code


Schema Code Testing

SEO Results

Now, have a look at the real results. A whopping 76% growth in organic traffic over a period of 9 months! It’s important to note that it’s steady growth, which is bound to continue in future as well.

Key Takeaway:

Proper and comprehensive optimization and tweaking of the website worked wonders. First the decline was arrested and then the website was put to a steady growth path.

Keywords Ranking Sample Report

Here also you can see a drastic jump in keyword rankings, which means more organic traffic and more reputation in the eyes of Google.



Baseline Ranking

Rankings on Nov 2018

Export products from India



Indian Exporters list



Export Items from India



Import Items in India



India Export Data



Import Data India



Top Exports of India



India Exports to USA



Import Data



Export Data



Now we can confidently say that SEO is real and it works.

The best thing about SEO is that it’s predictable. Yes, we can predict traffic on a timeline with the help of keyword rankings. Please go through this highly informative post on our blog to know,

How to Successfully Predict Organic Traffic on Your Website with High Accuracy?

This is a process that can be repeated and scaled and it’s quite effective as well. Of course, contextual tweaking and adjustment is required according to the website that you are handling.

However, I hope that you would have taken the key takeaways from this case study.