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The G. D. Goenka Group, is a leading educational setup driven by a passion for excellence in education and quality in life, where Globalization and Internationalization are the buzz words .A galaxy of educational institutions from pre-schools to post – graduate institutes, with world class infrastructure , salubrious and well maintained Wi-Fi enabled campuses , well equipped libraries and Hi- tech laboratories and a dedicated and seasoned academics ,support an ideal and conducive environment for providing education that can be benchmarked against the best in the world.

“I would personally like to thank you to the DigitalBerge team for such an amazing job you guys did on our school project. It is a pleasure working with you and your team as you were all extremely professional to work with. Over the course of 1 year, we developed a great bonding with your team & we congratulate you on your dedication towards the final conversion of the campaigns.”

Nipun Goenka


When GD Goenka Group approached us for revamping their PPC campaign, we knew that the project is going to be vast and complicated. They had business operations in many areas, but we were assigned their education wing. Even their education division comprised of multiple institutions covering a wider area ranging from pre-schools to post-graduate institutions.  And their business goals were unique compared to other organizations in the educational sector.

We started off by studying their current campaigns and were taken aback by the findings. Our findings helped us identify many challenges and areas of improvement. Eventually, we came to the conclusion that their digital marketing strategy needed a revamp and we had to begin from the ground up.

Business Challenge

GD GOENKA invested a lot of resources in SEO and PPC with their previous digital marketing agency. However, the campaigns mostly generated junk or spam leads. The reports showed dramatic increase in traffic and leads, but conversion was the big concern.

“The first month went and then the second month. We saw the reports showing promising numbers, but where were the conversions,” said Sales Team.

There was only a single conversion after 9 months of running the campaign. “We were receiving regular leads, but they were not converting at all. There was no correlation between the reports and our conversion rates,” Sales Tam added.

When we evaluated the school’s campaigns, we found a number of issues with their PPC campaigns.

  • They were only using broad match: They were using the default match for assigning all the keywords. This allows ads to be displayed for searches including synonyms, misspellings, related searches, and singular and plurals. They were using this strategy even when it is known that broad match wastes valuable PPC budget. This is because ads get shown for irrelevant keyword variations.
  • They were not using negatives properly: Improper use of negative keywords meant that the campaigns were generating lots of irrelevant traffic. This combined with overemphasis on broad match created just the perfect recipe for disastrous campaigns.
  • They were not budgeting their campaigns effectively: Most of the budget was allocated to inefficient campaigns. Because the ads were not ranking well, the bids were regularly increased to beat the competition.
  • They were wasting ad spend because of poor location targeting: We noticed the ads being targeted in locations that were not markets for the school.
  • The landing pages strategy was poor: The pages created were not optimized for the PPC traffic. CTA wasn’t clear, there was no cohesion in the messaging, the pages didn’t follow responsive design principles, and we doubted if A/B testing was conducted.
  • They were not taking advantage of Single Them Ad Groups: This made the ad groups unmanageable within the Google Ads Editor. This was apparent to happen with the longer lists of keywords. This not only affected CTR, but also the conversion rates.


As we already found with landing pages, we didn’t find any signs of ad copy testing. We identified the key areas where the school’s PPC campaigns were lagging and our team set forth to re-plan the strategy from the beginning.

“The DigitalBerge team provided us with a detailed report on why we didn’t get the desired conversions. The reports were easy to comprehend for us,” digital team said about our evaluation and reports.

“There were a few in-person meetings between our marketing/sales team and the DigitalBerge team. They wanted to understand our business model and goals. Our previous agency didn’t run any such meetings. This team was so elaborate and open in its approach,” Sales Team said.

We studied their past campaigns. Then we studied their business model and tried to identify the challenges and problems they faced. We also studied their goals and markets to create campaigns that aligned effectively.

We took a number of steps when setting up their Google Ads campaign:


  • Competitor analysis and research. This involved searching for the main keywords, using auction insights, using special tools to find keywords targeted by competitors, and more. We found new organic competitors, identified the keywords that worked for the competition, and the keywords that didn’t.
  • We used multiple targeting methods to identify the school’s targeted audiences. This included keyword targeting, topic, placement targeting and re-marketing.


We used both Google Ads tools and our own proprietary tools to identify the right keywords for campaigns. Our team addressed all the issues we identified in their past campaigns and addressed them. This included:


  • Identification of negative keywords to prevent unwanted clicks and to reduce the costs.
  • Creation of campaigns and ad groups based on the target audience and location
  • Added effective CTAs to new ad copies
  • Conducted A/B testing of all ad copies
  • Added ad extensions
  • Tracked Quality Score
  • Reviewed of search queries and made appropriate adjustments to the campaigns


Executive Director claimed, “DigitalBerge’s approach was thorough and comprehensive. This was much different from our experience with our previous agency. We knew from the initial moment that we had made the right decision by switching to this agency.”


Once we revamped their PPC campaign, we noticed improvement in the generation of quality leads. Vice President Sales exclaimed, “Our sales team is now quite happy with the leads response. We could not have asked for anything better.”

After GD Goenka Group signed up with us, they were able to open 40 new play schools for their GD Goenka Toddler House branch of business. There were 3 premium play school openings under their GD Goenka La Petite division and 2 CBSE K12 school new openings under the GD Goenka School division.

These achievements are acknowledged and recorded by the client.