Why Should You Choose DigitalBerge as Your Digital Marketing Agency?

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If you are running a business or have recently launched a startup, you will not want to delay its marketing and promotion. When we talk about marketing these days, it largely comprises of online marketing, social media marketing and SEO apart from traditional marketing.

The owners of small businesses and startups need to be very smart as most of the startups are cash-strapped.

The biggest issue faced by the startups is the limited cash available with them for extensive online marketing activities. If you just search for the entire range of marketing activities online, you’ll be exhausted and confused. However, 80:20 rules are applicable here and the experts know the 20% activities that yield the 80% results.

So, please read on this article carefully, so that you may understand what you need and how DigitalBerge is better positioned to leverage their expertise to help you achieve top rankings, online visibility, traffic and leads. It’s extremely important that all of it comes to you within your budget.


DigitalBerge has experts, who have served some of the Big Brands

To become a successful business, one needs to understand the customer needs. Then it comes to have a value proposition. Founders of DigitalBerge have more than 8 years of experience in SEO and digital market Industry and therefore they know the ins and outs of the industry. They have served some premium clients including Asian Paints, Airtel, Shaadi.com, Bajaj Finserv and Koenig.com, etc. and therefore you are in good hands when you come to DigitalBerge.

Since we are a pioneer SEO and digital marketing agency in New Delhi, when we launch an online marketing campaign, we start from scratch.

First, we do an assessment of your website, its layout and user experience. Then, we perform an extensive keyword research related to the industry our client is in. We make sure that your site is optimized for the most relevant keywords in order to increase its search engine visibility and traffic from different sources.

It includes both on-page SEO and off-page SEO. If your on-page SEO is done properly, it means that half of your objective is already achieved. Very few digital marketing agencies can actually perform on-page SEO as per global standards. Proper on-page SEO tells the search engines what the website is all about, which helps in better indexing of your website; however overdoing it may also hurt your website.

Do it the wrong way and get penalized by Google. It is important therefore that you get it done by the professionals who know the intricacies of SEO.

When it comes to off page SEO, many people think that it is all about building links and distributing content, which can be a huge mistake. Off-page, SEO is about the online presence and footprint of your business. What banners, hoardings, neon signs and address signs do in traditional marketing, off page SEO does it online.

Tip: You must not forget to offer excellent customer service, great user experience and value proposition in the meantime. Without that no SEO campaign can ever be successful.

Off-page, SEO is also about online reputation building, which is very important for the startups to get a foothold in the market. It is also important for the established businesses to get a bigger share of the market.

Some agencies offer on page and off-page SEO services that are not in alignment with the ultimate business objectives of their clients. Needless to say that such activities and practices never lead to any positive result. On the other hand, it might jeopardize the entire marketing campaign. Some of the SEO agencies are so unprofessional that they practice what the SEO industry used to do 5 years ago.

Some of these practices have become completely obsolete, but some SEO Agencies are still doing it. It is obvious therefore that such practices are not going to benefit the client in any way. Neither can they ever be helpful in increasing their rankings nor in improving traffic. Furthermore, Google might detect their malpractices anytime and penalize these sites.


In short, Digital Berge offers the following services that the mediocre SEO agencies can never do:

  • Do extensive keyword research and find the most popular but less competitive keywords to ensure quick ranking of your site.


  • Remove broken links and 404 errors on your site.


  • Optimize your site according to the standard Google guidelines and latest SEO practices.


  • Hire quality content writers to write your content, so that content is created for your audiences in order to convert them and not just for the search engines.


  • Build quality backlinks and never do spamming to protect your site from a Google penalty.


  • Create your footprint online that includes standard information about your business on different directories, local business listings, portals, websites, yellow pages, forums and blogs, so that your customer can find you from the platform he uses the most.


  • Provide a detailed monthly report of what we have achieved for you.


  • Publish your content on high domain authority websites, so that your website earns reputation in the eyes of Google. [Very few SEO agencies can actually match the kind of guest blogging and off page SEO we do for our clients.]


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Last but not least; we leave no stone unturned including the social media channels. We work very hard to leverage online platforms using quality content and infographics so that you attract targeted referral traffic from social media sites.

Furthermore, we provide the ranking on 16 keywords as against 12 keywords offered by some of the most renowned SEO agencies.

So, DigitalBerge is extremely cost effective for you.

Every business is a local business first because a big chunk of your clients come from your neighbourhood. We keep this thing in mind and perform state of the art local SEO on your site to make sure you are visible on Google with local keywords and can be spotted easily on the maps.

Once you avail our services, you can see the difference.

To attain high Google rankings, make your business visible on search engines and attract huge online traffic, give us a call today and our friendly representative would answer your queries.

We believe in long-term relationships and that’s the reason we have repeat customers at DigitalBerge, who don’t want to go anywhere else.

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