Using SEO To Attain Top Rank In Search Engine Results

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Every e-commerce website owner strives to attain the Numero Uno position in the search engine results. This passion and drive are because attaining the top rank would mean increased traffic, website visibility and a chance to bring about a phenomenal increase in sales.

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But attaining this top ranking is a challenge which most skilled professionals struggle to overcome. While there is no sure guarantee to attaining this top rank, there are some definite SEO strategies which, if adopted properly, have the potential to make one claim the top spot in Google rankings. These proven strategies are:

  • Niche marketing: In order to understand how to use SEO tactics successfully, it is very important to minutely get to know the competition that one will have to face. While competing against big business owners is an absolute no for small business owners or those that are just starting off, it is always better for the small business to find a niche market and cater to it. Going niche would, of course, require a change in the focus of the business from general products to niche-specific ones. However, the use of relevant keywords in the URL, the title tags and the headings would definitely ensure a dramatic improvement in the Google rankings.
  • Choosing realistic keywords: Keywords are so called because they are the ones which help Google to zero in on a website and bring it up in its rankings. Thus with the right keywords appropriately chosen and applied, getting a number 1 Google rank would be quite easy. While unique keywords almost certainly get top priority with Google, it is difficult to understand and is thus obscure. Hence in order to rank high on Google, it is very important for the website to incorporate keywords which are frequently actually used by people to search.
  • Optimizing website content: Optimization of the website or WebPages contained it, is a matter of placing selected keywords in specific areas which are generally looked into by Google. These specific areas include:
    • The URL of the webpage or website,
    • The title tag,
    • H1, H2 etc., headings,
    • Image captions or the alt image tag as applicable and
    • Intelligently placed throughout the content uploaded on the website or webpage in a way that it does not appear to be stuffed.

The content uploaded on the website or the webpage also needs to be interesting, informative, in-depth and unique so that it is able to hold the viewer’s attention from start to finish.

  • Content marketing: This is one of the best-known SEO tools to ensure top rankings in search engine results. It has also been statistically proved that about 88% of all B2B establishments use this strategy to attract potentially viable leads and facilitate higher number of conversions. Thus in order to gain the best out of this effective SEO strategy, it is important to:
    • Keep updating the website and webpage with new content,
    • Ensure content uploaded contains high-quality content useful to the customers and
    • Guarantee value addition to the customers reading them.

The proper use of content marketing helps improve search engine rankings in two ways:

  • More content directly translates into the presence of more keywords which enable Google and other search engines to zero in on the website and
  • More content also results in the accumulation of more links which actually enable the sharing of link equity.
  • Acquiring links: This has been considered to be that important SEO tool which has the potential to single-handedly ensure better search engine rankings. Some way in which these inbound links can be acquired are:
    • Adding the concerned website to local online business diaries,
    • Guest posting content on websites which are extremely popular and also belong to the niche covered by the website,
    • Creation of content which is evergreen and appeals to one and all and which other journalists or bloggers would want to connect with,
    • Searching for broken links on the internet and asking the relevant website owners to replace them with links of the website seeking to improve its Google rankings etc.
  • Click-Through-Rate: This is another very important ranking factor which has the potential to take a website ranking several notches higher so that it reaches the top half of the results page. In order to ensure the same, one needs to constantly keep a watch on the CTR or click-through-rate that a website post has been generating so that any slip can be anticipated before it actually happens and actions taken accordingly so that the Google rankings did not slip.

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SEO or Search Engine Optimization has many more very different yet effective tools to ensure that a website gets ranked number 1 on the search engine result rankings. But just attaining this ranking is not enough. Competition would try to dispel the rank and take its place instead. Hence it is best if the website developers and maintenance people keep a close watch on the same so that any fall in the rankings can be successfully avoided.

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