Machine Learning And Its Potential Uses In Digital Marketing

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Since the development of its early algorithms for multimedia systems, machine learning (ML) has come a long way. The technology plays a key role in stimulating the process of decision-making with the help of powerful predictive analysis and now the advancement of human knowledge is impacting the marketing big data ecosystem drastically.

In this article, let us explore machine learning technologies and its potential uses in digital marketing.

Machine Learning And Digital Marketing

With more and more businesses applying machine learning to structured and unstructured data, the popularity of the technology for finding real-time, actionable insights is rising. It is already being used to solve a wide variety of problems and its latest convergence with digital marketing is taking the technological development to an all new level. Machine learning not only helps organizations respond to their customers in a fast and appropriate way but also enhances the capabilities of marketing professionals, thereby pushing the overall growth of the industry.

According to studies, almost 97% of marketing leaders across the globe believe that the success of future marketing practices is lying in the perfect collaboration of ML-based automation entities with proficient marketers. So, if you want drive engagement with your target audience at the right time and the right way, machine learning can turn out to be the much-needed help for you.

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Different Types Of Machine Learning Technologies

From enhancing healthcare services to combating money laundering, the machine learning technology has found its way into everything. Here are 3 latest machine learning innovations which have been creating waves lately:

  • IBM Watson: This ‘supercomputer’ is basically a highly optimized QnA system with incredible cognitive abilities that combines artificial intelligence with advanced analytical software for processing data at a rate of 80 teraFLOPS.
  • Spark: This open-source ‘cluster-computing framework’ offers amazing recruitment and marketing (audience segmentation, data modelling, sales forecasting, etc.) solutions through its sophisticated algorithm and embedded application.
  • Apache Kafka: This open-source machine learning solution offers real-time data streaming, which impacts the overall business by helping in automating marketing efforts, understanding customer behaviour, and making critical decisions.

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Use Of Machine Learning In Digital Marketing

The digital marketing realm is getting heavily influenced by machine learning these days. Let’s dig deeper into major areas of the marketing data ecosystem where ML can be used as a potent force:

  1. Automated Data Visualization

Businesses can develop immense confidence, take well-informed decisions, and carry out efficient execution by visualizing important relationships in data through machine learning. With tools giving a rich set of snapshots applicable to both structured and unstructured data, automated data visualization has become pretty powerful as well as user-friendly. However, you need to infer the underlying data while using these visualization tools and it is believed that more easy to use platforms and widgets are going to be designed with the development of technologies. Those are expected to arrange and interpret data through the technology itself for providing loads of new insights, thereby boosting productivity in the process substantially.

  1. Content Management & Analysis

When it comes to encouraging brand loyalty, driving effective conversations, and building long-term customer relationships, analysis of content (textual or lexical or others) becomes crucial. Machine learning techniques can help businesses analyse content in terms of formats, sentences, idioms, phrases, and words so that they can drive their overall marketing success by figuring out what resonating with the target audience and providing personalized content at the campaign level. This is basically all about leveraging the predictive power of interconnected data, which improves engagement vastly.

  1. Incremental Machine Learning

If businesses want to adopt automation to make smart and informed decisions in future, machine learning tools can help them build strong knowledge base and enhance their abilities continuously by making use of large and complex sets of data. Though the understanding of predictive data is limited right now, incremental machine learning techniques are going to create solutions for more prevalent as well as real-time changes in marketing execution. This involves layering in of data for constructing a new predictive model, which can be deployed with better accuracy. Incremental machine learning techniques yield marketing results in such a way that the predictive power of data is improved significantly. In short, they accelerate the growth of business by broadening the existing roles instead of replacing them.

With new algorithms and tools being launched frequently, machine learning is on the full rise. According to experts, it will continue to grow and get hold of the digital marketing realm with an even larger presence. Those days are not far away when human beings and machines will work ‘hand in hand’ to take care of every aspect of a digital marketing campaign in a more informed as well as efficient way.

Hence, adapt your processes to machine learning and learn to fine tune those in order to capitalize on the opportunities fully and grow seamlessly.

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