4 Essential Elements – How To Rank Higher On Google 2018?

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The increasing trends in technology and global business marketplaces has harbored a superpower greater than any country, it’s called the internet. The Internet has brought the business’s attention to seize this opportunity by ranking higher on search engines like Google and Bing.

The Internet is even greater than a country, as we are not quoting the population of a limited geographical area but the entire planet. It fosters some really interesting platforms which magnetize the user to lay longer hours online. Platforms like social media- Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat are used half of the day by each user. The one feature which makes it even more addictive yet extremely useful is the fact that it’s a “portable everything encyclopedia”. The days when people endure long hours in a library for research are far behind. Just one hit on google and every information on any topic is yours to process.


Now, this brings up to our topic. Almost every B2C and B2B company are relying heavily on the internet for various affairs like communication, promotion, branding, marketing, PR, Research and much more. Not many businesses can survive without internet. To increase their brand awareness, they are coming up with websites and apps for promotional work and hire special teams for it. All of this for one simple thing, to get on the top as someone searches your name or product or in other words SEO.

Keeping up with new trends and SEO strategies on google is the key to successful SEO. However, search engines are getting better and better. They are upgrading to better understand the human content preferences. Also, its been gaining on using smart searches like voice search which people are heavily adopting. This makes more of a reason for companies to invest in advanced SEO activities, adapt to survive is the modern-day SEO mantra.


Well here are some ways you can adapt by ranking higher on a google search this year to survive for many others

HTTPS is ranked on page 1 of the google search

Basically, HTTPS is just a norm ensuring that your website is viewed on a safe connection to secure an optimum user experience. To add the honorary “S” to your HTTP, a website needs to acquire a so-called SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate. The certificate will allow the website professional to encrypt and secure the website’s content.

Google is not joking around about these secure websites; the search engine results clearly confirm that. Last year about 55% of the total page links on google were secured, its predicted that the number will rise to a grand 66% by the end of this year. Chrome has even initiated pop up warnings against non-secured website. This could largely hinder the user experience and discourage people from visiting your site and get involved in your business.

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SERP Features

A SERP highlight is any text, image etc. displayed on the primary search page in addition to the top blue line called the SEO title, the middle green URL, and the sites text in black at the bottom. The most normal and widely seen example of the SERP factor is the feature snippet. It is generally something you see on the top of the page in black, listing some pointers. Other feature types like related questions, local pack, images etc. are used to answer user queries directly. The quantity of these user snippets has tripled in the last 2 years. About 87% of the total searches consist some type of unique search display. These features get more attention and hence attract more traffic due to their attractive formats.

Voice Searches

To be honest voice searches are hot these days. Everyone is doing it, the kids at school, college, office people and even your parents might like it. The idea of not lifting a finger to search something is admirable and is a gift by the advanced voice recognition software’s used in smart devices. An impressive total of 55% teens and 40% adults have switched to voice searches on a routine basis. These numbers will drastically rise by the end of 2020.

Here is a thing for voice searches, most of the voice searches result in a feature snippet. The same SERP rule is applicable to this factor as well. The highlighted factor has made multitasking an easier and more convenient.


Search Intent

Ever wondered how Google understands your query the way you intended? Whether it’s “how to dress for a party” or “cricket ball”, you always get something relevant out of the simplest searches. For dresses, the search might include the latest party styles and for the ball, it might show different cricket balls in the online market.

The artificial intelligence program called Rain Brain is behind the rational thinking of the Google search engine. It is a continuously evolving program which works on keywords and shows the best-suited result for those keywords. It analyses the user’s query and processes it the way they want it. As human demand is unending, the technology continuously adapts to new searches and display different results for the same query, just like on YouTube how you see similar videos about your past searches on the home page. It is also responsible to decide which SERP should be used.

Google gives you hits on which type of content is best suited for your interest as a business. If you are in the fashion business, look whether the search engine is showing a video, image or any other feature snippet and invest in those respective formats. Also, you can work on the types of keywords and their respective use, adopt new patterns and gain more inside on customer preferences.

SEO platform is the future of how customers interpret your business. You can paint your business as a vastly professional brand through SEO Services of top SEO Company. All the big names have invested a lot in SEO activities. This is kind of how they maintain and connect with their target audience and it’s quite working well.


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