How can Consumer Brands in India Go Effective in making their customers VOCAL for their LOCAL product?

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As the government has made it necessary for all eCommerce businesses to label the country of origin on all their products, consumer brands in India can take advantage of the opportunity by making their customers vocal for their local products. The government has laid emphasis on the importance the citizens will play in making the country self-reliant and becoming ‘vocal for local’. In there lies a great opportunity for brands to turn consumers into their brand ambassadors.

Local Consumers Promoting Local Brands

The PM has highlighted how the leading global brands were once local brands. They turned into successful global brands only when local consumers became interested in them and became vocal in their promotion. The local consumers found pride in those brands being local, which inspired them to take them to the world.

Consumer brands in India can also take advantage of digital marketing strategies to reach out to local consumers and leverage their power of promotion. SEO for business growth has been a proven measure in reaching out to both local as well as nation-wide customers.

Digital Marketing for Local to Global Brands

As a consumer brand, your marketing strategies have a huge role to play in leveraging the power of the vocal for local movement. SEO, PPC, and social media marketing strategies can help create visibility for your brand in an otherwise cluttered market. SEO can play a big role as a cost-effective strategy to develop top-of-mind recall in the minds of your “local conscious” consumers.

Partner with an SEO Expert to grow your business and reap benefits from various SEO channels and digital services.

Marketing Mediums & Consumers

There are many marketing mediums and options to build consumer brand visibility. The good thing is that you can expect the opportunities to continue growing in the near future. Consumer behavior is changing and it is an important factor at play.

  • Less consumers are visiting shopping complexes and malls because of the pandemic
  • More consumers prefer visiting the local stores in the neighborhood
  • They create shopping item lists, want to make quick purchases, and head back home to be safe

This is where consumer brands can leverage the power of eCommerce and reach out to their target audience using digital marketing. And the recent spate of border disputes with the neighbor country has further encouraged consumers to prefer local brands.

Developing Consumer Brand Identity

Businesses seeking to build a brand identity in this scenario will have to being by developing a brand guideline. A plan in place will help ensure that all future marketing collateral will adhere to the same set rules. The digital platform offers an even better place to develop your brand identity in these special times. The lock-down period and subsequent restrictions during the pandemic have made everyone realize how important digital platforms are. Even when most other mediums of communication with the consumer were limited in one or the other way, digital was the only way to reach out to them.

So how can consumer brands leverage the power of the digital medium for vocal to local?

i. Create a Website

Develop a website that follows the design concepts from your brand guideline. Make sure to include all important pieces of information on your product or service on your site. Celebrate the fact that your brand is local. It is important to use simple language that is readily understood by everyone at both the local and global levels.

ii. Build Strong Social Media Presence

When targeting local consumers, it is important to select social media platforms carefully. It is best to select them based on your industry or niche. It is not just essential to create social media profiles, your brand must also be active there. It is important to keep your consumers connected to your brand and this requires regular engagement by posting more often and engaging with them in the comments section.

iii. Build Digital Assets

Besides your website and social media presence, digital assets like blogs, videos, articles, brochures, and whitepapers can further help engage your consumers with your brand. These digital materials are especially beneficial for brands in the retail industry.

iv. Use CRM

CRM also has a crucial role to play in building engagement and making your brand’s local image impact with the consumer. Build your customer database, ensuring high level of security. Communicate with them using different mediums, including:

  • Emails
  • WhatsApp
  • SMS
  • Social media

Convey key messages and special offers. Every time you reach out to them, make sure there is something beneficial for them in the message.

v. Leverage SEO

SEO can help you build brand awareness in your targeted markets. From building local brand awareness to taking your brand to the global market, SEO can allow your brand to grow in any area. Some of the key tips to build a powerful ‘vocal for local’ strategies are as follows:

  • Conduct keyword research using a native speaker
  • Localize content, don’t just translate it
  • Localize your site’s elements including address, phone number, currency, time, meta information, and navigation elements
  • Submit XML sitemap
  • Run campaigns on search engines relevant to the local market
  • Keep track of brand mentions in local languages

Local SEO is just the perfect strategy for consumer brands to build consumer trust.This is an investment in driving more customers and building your brand.

Tell Your Product Story

As your run campaigns to build your brand’s online presence, it is important to communicate your brand’s story. Storytelling is a great way to attract and engage your potential customers. Avoid the use of sales content that is more likely to push consumers away.

Get Expert Help

Website creation, SEO, social media marketing, and paid search campaigns are best handled by experts. Even when many resources are available online, nothing can help you like a team of specialized and experienced experts. Besides, you will need to develop customized consumer branding strategies in this scenario – something that requires years of experience to master. A professional SEO partner can ensure business growth in far less time than other medium.

So if you want to benefit from the growing sentiment for local products in the Indian market, make sure to follow these tips. You will need the help of a digital marketing team that can help you build and implement an effective marketing strategy.

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