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Everyone today knows that an audience means everything for an online business. The more people you have coming to your website, the more massively your business grows. This is the primary agenda of your content marketing strategy.

People come to your website looking for something they need. This could be a product they want or a solution to a problem they have. However, the only thing that will make them stay is your content. The way you offer a solution to a person who landed on your website might either turn him into a recurring visitor, or somebody who will never click a link to your website. Thus, take wise decisions when curating your content.


With that being said, all this is a waste if the customer never reaches your website while searching for a query. Your presence on initial pages of a search engine determines a lot of your future and Search Engine Optimization or SEO might just be the answer to this problem.

Search Engine Optimization is curating your content in such a way that a search engine, preferable google perceives it as authority content and shows it higher up in the search results. A lot of factors determine whether your content will succeed in this race or not. Information-packed within the content truly matters, but there are other subtle tweaks you can do in your content to truly prepare it for the first page of google.

It is the beauty of Google that makes it the most relevant search engine in the world. People at Google keep changing the algorithms and your content marketing strategy should move with it. Nowadays, content marketing is not confined to the traditional approach only. Within the modern trends of marketing, Video marketing could be considered the most vital landscape. So here are 7 latest SEO tips and tricks that will help your content land on the first page of Google.

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Keyword Research is The Key to Success

Your website is never going to bloom unless you provide relevant information that user is actually looking for. Keyword research is the easiest way to know this.

Head over to Google’s free keywords planner tool and punch in a few topics that represent your online business. Google will churn out the entire data and relative keywords along with the statistics and competition. Besides Google, there are a lot of free and paid tools online which may help you do the keyword research thoroughly.

Sprinkle LSI Keywords in Your Content

Latent Semantic keywords are keywords that are somehow connected to your primary keyword. People use different phrases and words when looking for the same object and you don’t want to miss out on a huge chunk of the potential audience.

Google Keyword Planner always shows the related keywords in the search results. Make sure that along with your primary keyword, they are thoroughly used in your blog post or article.

Strategically Use the Keywords

Don’t take Google for a fool and think that sprinkling your article with your keyword will get you to the first page of google. To much use of the keyword can result in a penalty from Google, not reward.

Make sure that you have your keyword places strategically at the title, Meta description, URL and first 100 words of your blog post. These are the most basic places that help Google bots understand what the topic really is about. By making sure that your keywords are present in those places without breaking the flow of the content, you can have your page ranked much well than before. For this purpose, you may take help of Best SEO Service Provider who will help you in using Keywords Strategically for your content.

Headings are Important

It is old news that you must keep your headlines flashy and catchy, but we are not here to talk about that.

Yes, you can make the title of the most interesting and intriguing, but people often put all their attention to the title, forgetting that structuring your content under headings give google a well-organized page to crawl on. This makes the content much worthier in Google’s eyes.

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Internal Linking Helps

By linking our articles from one another, you give Google bot a chance to index all your pages because the bot usually begins crawling with your homepage. If a keyword suddenly appears on your lines and you have done a thorough article on that keyword, make sure to link it.

Backlinking is Important

More than internal linking, getting links from authority website is the biggest SEO punch any blog post could receive. Write a killer blog post and then reach out to influencers who will link back to it.

Use Images and Media

Usage of image and media saves your content from being monotonous and boring. You can also rename the media files to give an added benefit to your content.

So, these were our top tips for formulating your content keeping an eye on the current trends. Apply these tactics to double your search engine result and reap the benefits of a massive audience.

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