Decoding AMP And Its Benefits In Digital Marketing

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As the leading web search engine, Google has been evolving continuously through the introduction of more and more revolutionary features over time.

One of such innovative ideas fostered by the search engine giant is AMP, which is influencing the mobile search results quite dramatically these days.

You may have already come across a symbol ‘AMP’ beside certain search results on your cell phone and it is apparently there to indicate that those links will load up more quickly than others.

So, let’s decode AMP and dig deeper into the benefits it can offer to your digital marketing practice through this article:

A Brief Overview Of AMP

AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages is basically a ‘global initiative’ by Google with an aim to provide better and faster mobile internet services to the users. Though it was launched as a response to Facebook’s ‘Instant Articles’ feature, it has turned into a reliable means of fast-tracking content to smartphones and tablets.

AMP optimizes web pages for mobile devices by stripping away their original content in large sections. It typically comprises three parts including AMP HTML (a bunch of pre-processing tags for formatting texts and embedding images), AMP JS (a Javascript file for loading external resources in the background), and AMP Cache or AMP CDN (the system of servers picking and preparing the latest content for distributing around the world). They cumulatively work to enhance the conventional model of serving mobile content by increasing loading speed up to 10 times and improving reliability significantly.


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Benefits Of AMP In Digital Marketing

When it comes to adopting a strategy for mobile optimization, AMP can turn out to be extremely useful for digital marketers. If you code your website with AMP, you can take advantage of the following benefits:

  1. Faster Loading Speed

Several studies have concluded that mobile users are reluctant to wait for more than 3 seconds for a webpage to load. AMP helps in driving mobile abandonment rates down by loading pages in lightning speed. In Google searches, AMP pages load in less than 0.5 seconds, which is as much as 88% faster than the loading speed of regular non-AMP pages.

  1. Suits All OS / Devices

AMP is perfectly suitable for cross-platform and cross-device uses. No matter which mobile device you are on or which operating system / web browser you are using, AMP will work seamlessly to ensure that you can see the desired content instantly. Google also promises fast loading of web pages with rich content (graphics, videos, animations, smart ads, etc.) on any platform or device to provide a seamless user experience with AMP.

  1. Higher Rankings In SERPs

Although AMP is not considered as an independent factor in mobile search ranking, it can push your website to the top of the SERPs indirectly. It makes your website mobile-friendly and accelerates its loading speed, both of which are known to impact the SEO rankings to a great extent. Therefore, AMP-enabled websites are shown at higher positions in Google searches than slower and unresponsive sites.

  1. Increased Website Traffic

By opting for AMP, you can drive 10% more traffic to your website than a regular one with double time spent by them on different web pages. It comes labelled with a green symbol right beside the link or prominent carousels featuring large images in search results, which improves visibility as well as click through rates. Faster loading speed of AMP websites also strengthens the publisher-visitor relationships by increasing page views, engagement, and conversions.

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  1. An Open Source Program

AMP is an open source program by Google, which makes it an ever-evolving option. Not only the brightest developers from Google but anybody across the globe with groundbreaking ideas can contribute to its evolution. In addition, the open-source code and optimization tutorials by Google make it easy to enable for users.

  1. Equipped With Visitor Analytics

The Visitor Analytics feature of AMP allows publishers to keep a close eye on the performance of their AMP content. There are two tags in the code, which track different visitor data including total number of visitors, number of new visitors, number of returning visitors, number of clicks / conversions, and so on.

With more and more big publishing names, technology providers, and reputed developers (BBC, New York Times, Washington Post, News Corp, Twitter, Adobe, and many more) supporting AMP, the project is growing rapidly. Google is all set to release new formatting options and advanced features to make websites convey its content in a clean and fast manner on mobile searches.

From online news portals to e-commerce sites, AMP can heighten the success of all. If you are yet to leverage this trending technology, go ahead and try it. Not only your website will have mobile-optimized content but you will also get a SEO ranking favour with least time, effort, and expenditure.

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