An Ultimate Guide Of Best SEO Techniques In Property Sector For 2018

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Change is inevitable. This simple phrase sums up how the world works, and is pretty much applicable to SEO as well. Techniques and strategies in SEO might change overnight and you wouldn’t even know about them. This is why it is essential to have the right kind of knowledge and a fair idea of how it exactly works. On the other hand, an expert in SEO will simply take your online business or website to newer and greater heights.

The thing is that tips and techniques that kept you in the limelight in 2016 might just not work that way in the present times. But, also avoiding them is harmful to your website. This ultimately means that you have to keep yourself updated about the changing norms of Search Engine Optimization and operate your website accordingly.

Getting a hold of some top SEO techniques can boost your rankings in a way you never imagined. To know how far you’ve come and how much farther you have to go. Using SERPs will give proper insights about the progress of your website, depending on keyword research.


You will not really understand things all at once. Take your time. Explore new tools and learn step by step. Over the span of time, you’ll know how it works and can use techniques wisely and smartly.

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Here are a few hacks or tactics, as you may call them, to help you gather all the quality traffic and improve your ranking.

Improve engagement:

In Layman’s language, this is the ability of your website to hold the attention of a particular user. The science around it goes as the longer you keep your user engaged, better is the ranking of your page. SEO calculates engagement as the amount of time spent by the user on your page.

Quality content:

The key behind engaging your user is by providing them quality content. Your user is searching for something important, which means he is expecting something. By using keywords and phrases in your content, you invite the user. Now, if you don’t provide him with what he expects, you are actually wasting his time and lowering the engagement which is ultimately affecting your rank. Thus, engaging and unique content is essential.


The inverted pyramid:

It is not always that the user might read the content from the start to the very end. Thus, important points, that is, points with higher priority should be specified in the start. As you proceed further, you can add lesser priority points. This gives two benefits. One, the user scans through your content and might get what is needed right at the start. Second, if the start feels informative, the user might proceed further and reach the end, which means profit at both ends.

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