Adopting 5 Smart Means For Getting Leads On A Budget

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Leads are a key factor for the success of any e-commerce venture. But leads need to be generated which effectively means that people interested in buying or taking some action on the products related to the e-commerce venture need to be found and pursued.

But in order to generate leads, investing a lot of money is not always the criteria. While money does help, thinking smart enables people concerned with e-commerce to come up with solutions which are as effective and efficient, if not more. Some lead generation techniques which are cost-effective and enable lead generation with zero investment are:

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  • Content marketing: This involves creating content and incorporating good SEO techniques so that it is able to drive good traffic to the e-commerce website. While this appears to be a relatively easy thing to do, the SEO, if not done correctly, would fail to get the desired result. This technique is said to be one with the greatest impact on driving leads because Google receives as many as 63000 queries per second every day. That is a lot of traffic to capitalise on and the best part of this technique is that it is free and contents uploaded are evergreen. Some golden rules which need to be kept in mind when creating content are:
    • Content should be audience specific,
    • It should be created in the form of an inverted pyramid with the relevant details on the top and supporting details below,
    • Sentences written should be short and simple,
    • Using active voice makes the content much more interesting and personalised for the reader,
    • Using specific real-world examples helps the audience visualise it better,
    • Too much of technical jargon should never be used,
    • Repetition of the same word should be actively avoided,
    • Text that is written should be scannable,
    • Multimedia objects, if applicable, should be intermixed with the text,
    • Use of hyperlinks enables readers to find more relatable and interesting content,
    • Call-to-action buttons introduced should be attractive, catchy and leave the reader asking for more.
  • Content upgrades: While uploading content based on the SEO guidelines, helps generate leads, in order to maintain the same, the contents uploaded need to be constantly upgraded and updated. This is because Google crawlers recognise only those websites which are active and regularly uploading content is a sure sign of being active. Thus content up-gradation and updations help get better search engine rankings thereby increasing the web traffic to a website further.
  • Lead magnets: This is one of the smartest and intelligent ways of generating leads. Simply speaking, a lead magnet is said to be an incentive or a bonus which is offered to potential consumers in lieu of their email addresses and other such contact information. These incentives, offered by the marketers, generally tend to be free downloadable digital content like eBook, PDF content, video, whitepaper etc. But lead generation does not take place simply by introducing lead magnets. The marketers have to ensure that they are highly targeted and lucrative. In fact keeping the offer open for a limited amount of time increases its allure. Lead magnets also need to be dynamic because when people keep seeing the same lead magnet over and over again, they tend to become disinterested and has a negative effect on the conversion rates.


  • Introducing a quiz: Having an interactive website is always better than just uploading content and expecting relevant readers to go through it. Readers have a very limited attention span and hence the introduction of a quiz makes for interesting and interactive reading; something that the reader appreciated much more. In fact, a quiz benefits the marketer in two very important ways:
    • It has the potential to go viral thereby attracting more visitors to the website and successfully generating leads and facilitating conversions and
    • It helps the marketer build a strong relationship with the targeted audience.
  • Influencer outreach: An influencer is one who has the capability to sway people towards a particular product or service etc. These people are thus able to influence people into thinking in a certain way primarily because:
    • They are generally public figures whom the audience adores,
    • They enjoy extreme popularity in their chosen niche and
    • They have an enormous social media following.

Finding the right influencer for the niche the website caters to and encouraging them to share content, lead magnets and webinars enables marketers to capitalise on their huge fan following to generate leads.

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Last but not least; lead generation is also facilitated by word-of-mouth publicity. Requesting friends, relatives, followers, subscribers, colleagues, existing readers etc., to share content uploaded on the website tend to generate unexpected leads. Thus along with the above techniques and strategies, marketers should also leverage on word-of-mouth which is again a free technique which marketers on shoestring can capitalise on or you can hire Best Seo Company for your work.

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