A Quick Short History Of SEO

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The history of Search Engine Optimization is only three decades old, when it started in the middle of 1990s. Since then, there has been many milestones that has been noted in the SEO and search engine evolution. Today SEO revolves much around the king of search engines; Google. Though, the practice of SE pre-dates the current popular search engine. When the first website was launched in 1991, it all began.

But officially the SEO episode commenced close to 1997. Many say that Jefferson Starship started this episode because the official website was on page four of a random search engine than in page one at first position. This may not be 100% true, but what is known for a fact is that Multimedia Marketing Group’s John Audette was already using the term SEO in the first quarter of 1997. This was also the time when SEO consultant India just got aware of the term.


Yes, it was indeed a new concept in 1997 to have the nice looking websites somehow rank on the first page of search engines so they would get more traffic. The methods were just being explored and tested. But nothing concrete was happening because the inventors of IT were themselves experimenting and discovering new possibilities every day. Even before DMOZ powered the Google classification, Zeal was backing LookSmart, while Go.com used to be a directory in itself. Whereas Yahoo Directory happened to be the major player in the search engine segment.

At that time, Mozilla happened to be a company, while Moz was its brand, much before the SEOMoz came into picture. This was basically the Yellow Pages meant for websites in those days. Now Yahoo was found originally upon it, where its ability to get the finest websites online was supported by the editors of DMOZ. But one can’t deny, even the pioneers of SEO know that it was an absolutely new and challenging concept in the IT field those days.


Google entered strongly in 2000, bringing many things as well as experimenting massively with all its products. Some of them flunked, while some came back strong after a revamp. This is the time that Search Engine Optimization practice was still complex but at least it was easy to decipher its meaning and experiment safely. The common Google algorithm took everything by storm, “If people talk about someone or something, it is an important entity. Rank it!” This why all SEO experts of those early days of new era concentrated on backlinks, maximum usage of keywords and what not. However, after a decade, everything mellowed down a bit and algorithms formulas were constantly updated. This is when Google brought some constructive products for the help of SEO experts.


In 2017, Google which was till now a mobile-first company, became an AI-first company; which was only possible because of machine-learning capacity of Google. Now Google search engine is made to assist and inform. This has tremendously helped the SEO experts around the globe to grow and also SEO Consultant India to expand their horizon.

Search engines are the need of present world and the SEO experts make things easier for the users. But both needs to be constantly in touch to keep everything smooth.

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