A Comprehensive Guide Of SEO Basics

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SEO is one such marketing discipline that is focused on creating visibility in organic search engine results. It encompasses both the creative and technical and elements which are necessary to improve the rankings, increase awareness and drive traffic in the search engines. Whether you are preparing a new blog post or writing web content, SEO is not only about building search engine-friendly websites but also making the site better for the viewers. Here are some effective SEO tips or some effective guidelines that would help you to know the different areas in this field.

  • Create great dedicated pages– Before you start crafting the content, you need to pick or should have target keywords. The target keywords should have a dedicated page focusing on the same topics to generate traffic. Make sure that the dedicated page provides great information on the topic and is one of the most useful content on the web. Make sure you pay attention to the titles, keywords, links, quality, the freshness of the content. For creating great dedicated pages having targeted keywords, you can take advise of SEO Consultant.
  • Domain Name – Domain names along with keywords get a higher rank than domains without keywords. Exact match domains aren’t very unique but are rank even higher.
  • Site structure – The way of linking the web pages together has a great impact on the rankings. Make sure you link within the content so that it tends to carry more weight than links within the footer or sidebar. Also, make sure that the number of links is kept under 100 on each page. Also, make sure that your pages contain no-follow outgoing links that are not relevant.

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  • Content MarketingContent Marketing is the most important part of SEO that is designed to boost rankings of the pages by content marketing. The web page ranking will be high if more websites get linked to your website.
  • Optimize the code – The search engine bots takes into consideration both the website’s text and the website’s code. One needs to optimize eight different sections of the code. To optimize the code of your website, you can Hire Best SEO Professional in Delhi.

Below are top SEO tips to optimize your website –

  • Header tags – Header tags are similar to the headings in a book but come in a specific order. It is used to separate and mark the content of the page. H1 is the main heading and is the most important one. It is used for all the page titles and is includes the target keyword. The remaining heading codes such as H2, H3 and more are used for subheadings.
  • Meta tags –You should be mainly concerned with Meta description tag. Although it is no longer concerned with the search engine ranking, encourage the visitors what your site is all about and to click on the link from the search engine results page. It helps them to decide whether to click or not because the page’s description is displayed below the title of the page. The meta description should be kept between 150 – 160 characters in length along with the keywords.


  • Title tags – The title tag is very important for website visitors and search engines. The title tag gets saved when bookmarking the page, displayed in the browser’s tab and shows in the search results. One should place the important keywords at the beginning of the title so that the search engine will pick them up for higher rankings. Also, try to use the brand name in the title so that the visitors will be able to recognize the brand. Make your titles compelling and descriptive. Titles should be kept short. It should not be longer than 65-75 characters. Last but not the least also make sure that each page must have a unique title tag.

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  • URL structure–URLs are also important for the pages and gets displayed in several places such as in the browser URL bar, on search results pages between the title and description and while referencing a page on the website. A clean URL provides a good understanding of the page and allows the users to predict the content.
  • Alt Tags – Alt tags need to be added to a brief description and each image so the search engine bots to properly index images. Alt tags should be descriptive, accurate and thorough.
  • Sitemaps – Sitemaps are just like a roadmap for search engines that provide bots directions to all the different pages on the website. The website should have a sitemap in the XMP format. This will include everything about the website and will then be submitted to Google using Search Console. This will inform the Google about the updates and will index the website.

These effective SEO tips mentioned above if implemented helps you to increase your traffic from search engines. You just need to be patient because it takes time for search engines to update the records because billion of websites are available in the search engines.

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