7 Unbeaten SEO Tips To Earn Traffic & Leads In Real Estate Sector

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The real estate sector today is highly competitive in nature. If you and your real estate business does not rank higher in the pages, you are close to being invisible.

You could pay and advertise yourself but that wouldn’t be real enough. You need to learn tips and techniques to earn all the traffic and leads in an organic manner.


Given below are seven SEO tips that shall help you gain traffic and leads organically and successfully:

Build yourself local:

While you would want your real estate business to flourish and reach out various corners of your city, it cannot be denied that your real estate company needs to be recognized locally as well. That is, you need to have a reputation in a particular geographic area. You can promote yourself in that particular area by using keywords that specify that area. For example, (area name) real estate or (area name) houses on rent or sale. Once you do this, you’ll soon be recognized in your locality.

Pictures and Videos:

These are tiny magic spells to help the big magic happen. It is quite obvious that real estate agents have to include images in their websites. But, what most miss out on is the use of keywords in these images. Yes, you got that right. Use keywords, alt tags and title tags in your images to attract viewers.

Videos help in engaging a client for a longer time thus increasing your dwell time which is key during Google rankings.

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Social media:

Nowadays, social media optimization is becoming a necessity for every business.Social media is the best and creative way of reaching out to your audience. Promote yourself on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. and gain followers.

Online reviews:

The review gives you feedback about your present services and acts as invitations for your future clients. Many times, tips and ideas might just pop out from them.

Focus on the content:

Search Engine Optimization is simply useless without any solid content. Create blog posts and use most commonly used keywords. They just attract customers like unlike poles of a magnet. The content has to be rich, engaging and informative.

Digital Marketing

Use mobile devices:

The website you create should be a treat to the eyes even on a laptop, on a computer and also a mobile phone! Google penalizes websites that do not provide a good mobile interface. Make sure your website is supported by all browsers.

Local directories:

As a real estate agent, making use of a local directory is your religion! Use directories like Zillow, Redfin, Homes.Com, etc. to make a name in your locality. To achieve higher goals, it is necessary to achieve the short ones first. Make good use of local directories and expand your business.

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