7 Effective SEO Tips To Get More Traffic And Leads On Your Website

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SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a process through which a business can be perused to attain positive affect through timely and accurate influence for its online visibility. In a laymen’s language it is an unpaid result of Internet’s web search engine. Such results are also denoted with the earned or organic results. While SEO targets content, videos, images and academic search, it can also be used towards the “industry specific” or “news” searches. SEO involves HTML, content editing and coding besides focus on the back links. It improves both quality and amount of traffic which reaches to a business website at a pretty affordable price. Below are the 7 effective SEO tips which you should use to get more traffic and leads on your website.

Have quality content

Quality content means a content which is thoroughly informative, original, fresh and unique. It should be free of any kind of tricks, mustn’t deceive readers or users, and is primarily created for the use of readers instead of search engines. Videos are what people like the most and the images as well support the content to turn an easy-to-understand stuff. A web search engine “spiders” or “crawls” Internet to find the relevant websites and content. Quality content would be easily recognized thus more frequented by the web users.

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Organize your content

Organizing contents or streamlining it helps the “bots” of the search engines to find that easily. Proper headlines, tags and other classification to indexing measures remain pivotal for you to gain a significant chunk of web users thus your website visitors increase easily.

Optimize Top Landing Pages

List out top landing pages from Google Analytics to optimize them. Ensure you include the call to action (CTA) button at the prominent position. At times CTA misses out from the top landing pages. It could be anything from a newsletter sign-up to filling-up enquiry forms, calling to your business or store, and other action like PDF download and or play a video you want the customers to take on your page. This should be a micro conversion or a macro conversion.

Facilitate the access to your web pages

You can facilitate access to the web pages of your website by providing their direct HTML links to the search engine crawlers. As the engines often escape reading the graphics, you should tag JavaScript or Flash with a short label, so that the search engines find it relevant. The web search engines also yield search results on the basis of “link popularity”, or the links that are frequently clicked upon. Such links are often of those web pages that have the unique, original, interesting and useful web content.

Create useful and interesting content

You must create useful and interesting content so that visitors reach to your website even when they do not seek to buy the product or services you deal in. The “top ten” lists, the “how to” articles, the success stories, the guides and other similar web contents are always appreciated by the web users. The customers will eventually come to your fold, if you can solve their problems or queries through your content. Remember to include the right keywords in the appropriate density, as these are the words which customers actually search for. The more recent phenomenon (after mobile searches took over PC searchers) is to use the voice keywords.

Create links on other websites

Countless platforms like blogs, SEO consultants, press release forums and niches to websites facilitate options to you to place your links to your website pages. The credible and trustworthy business organizations, business websites and popular interactive forums can be used to place the links. They are frequented by the web users thus offer ample advantage. Search the Internet to find the best of them. Find a suitable place where you would like a link to be placed. Once found, go for that!

Track your progress

Just type the keywords and/or the phrases with search engine box in order to know how your SEO actually performs. You will know the actual ranking of your WebPages besides knowing the following:

● The back links/inbound link numbers
● Web pages which are actually getting maximum number of visitors
● The places from where customers are actually coming

Based on such findings, you can make certain engrossed decision for improvement if any. You can therefore place your marketing efforts accordingly. Google Analytics and similar other tools can help you in your tracking endeavors.

While what is listed above the Do’s of SEO, there are also some Don’ts associated with the SEO strategies. They include the use of broken links, having web pages overloaded with an irrelevant content to having a slow web server and having the pop-ups and the add-ons. The usage of an aggressive SEO techniques (for instance using of keyword in greater density) equally proves harmful.

You must therefore avoid the above mentioned Don’ts completely if you wish to obtain a larger online customer base.

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