11 Web Design Trends For 2018

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The ever-changing world of web designing has come a long way since its inception. The world of web design constantly keeps on evolving with the introduction of new trends every year. And it is no different for the coming year 2018. The design trends are highly influenced by new technologies, media, and usability. The web design determines the success and popularity of your website. So, it needs to be refined as per the taste of your customers so that it is easy for them to use the website. And in this way, they can relate themselves more with the website and the company leading to company’s profit and the increase of constant loyal customers.

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Mobile Friendly

Today, mobile is more popular than any other electronic device. According to a report, 71 % of the browsing is reported from mobile devices rather than laptops, tablets, and computers. This reveals that users bank upon their mobile devices to browse any website. And the reasons are very obvious. You can browse in mobile anytime and anywhere using the mobile network, there is no dependency of space and internet connection as it is with laptop or computers. This is the reason why many people are using mobile to browse websites. Therefore, your website must have a mobile website to hold on your loyal customers. It is not just enough to have a mobile website for your company. You have to ensure that the mobile website works properly and look great with easy to read fonts and navigation.


Semi-Flat Design

Semi-flat web design is quite a hit in 2017. This web design is going to make prominence in the coming years as well. Semi-flat design that combines flat elements with real-world enhancement is the new trend in web design platform. Adopted by Apple and Microsoft, the semi-flat design is going to rock in 2018.

Responsive Design

You might have heard a lot about responsive design in the internet world. Responsive design is easy and inexpensive way to build a mobile website. Mobile website is the need of an hour and responsive website lives up to the expectation.



If you use Whatsapp or Facebook messenger then you might have come across GIF images in the chat box. Similar to this, cinemagraphs appear as a sophisticated GIF or short looping videos in the websites. You can use cinemagraphs to create an interactive effect in the homepage to engage your customers. The best thing about cinemagraph is that it is not lengthy like the videos but at the same time it adds emotion and action like a video.


You can easily make your website unique and interesting by using microinteractions. It is like an animation of moving videos and content arranging as you scroll the website. Microinteraction transforms the aesthetic of a website easily by adding a new level of luxury to it.

Use of 3D

In the age of VR (Virtual Reality) and AR (Augmented Reality), the use of 3D images is very common. VR and AR are extensively used in gaming platform that uses 3D images and the same concept is expected to invade the website to make them unique and enticing.

Encrypted Website

In the wake of powerful cyberattacks like Ransomware, it is essential to build virus proof website. The year 2017 witnessed strong virus attack in the cyber world and this is a wake-up call for the web designers in 2018. Security is going to be a major concern in the coming years. So, without giving a second thought, you must invest in making your website safe and secure from cyber attack.Typographical Driven Websites

Typographical websites are gaining popularity these days. Heavy junk of content makes any website boring for the viewers. And in the age of fast pace, no one has time to read a bulk of the content. Typographical website reduces the use of content significantly and helps to make a visually interesting and eye-catching website. In this type of website, more illustrations are used to explain any concept or idea instead of content.

Use of Interactive Graphics

Interactive graphics also help to transform content heavy and boring website into interesting and interactive. The texts are translated into interactive visuals and interactive map. This helps to make the website more engaging and interesting for the viewer. The viewers like to stay and revisit this type of website frequently compared to the boring static and content heavy websites.

Geometric Shapes & Patterns

The trend of using geometric shapes and patterns in web design initiated in 2016. The trend continues in 2017 and is expected to stay in 2018 as well. Different geometric shapes, pattern, and lines help to create a different environment in any website.


The colors have the power to transform the look of a website. Earlier, flat colors were mostly used in the websites which were replaced by multi-color later. In 2018, multi-color is expected to spread its wings from website to mobile apps, logos and more.

Another aspect that influences the popularity of the website is the SEO factor. If you have optimized your website then there is a better chance of getting organic traffic. You can hire an SEO Company India to get the SEO work done for your website. There many SEO consultant India as well who does SEO related job for your website. We have complied here is a list of Web design trends that are expected to dominate the market in 2018.

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