10 Ways AI Is Enriching Digital Marketing Practices

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The digital space is getting flooded with big chunks of data everyday posing bigger challenges to the marketers. Manual handling not only makes the understanding, analysis, and processing of this data difficult but also retracts the growth of the brand by giving wrong results. However, the introduction of Artificial Intelligence in digital marketing has revolutionized the entire scenario. AI is even capable of deriving meaning from human behaviour, which helps marketers focus on innovation, engagement, sales, and growth. Here are 10 ways how integrating AI in digital marketing is making things easier and smoother:

Segmentation Of Audience

Gone are the days when reaching the right audience was a burdensome task for digital marketers. AI has made traditional audience segmentation a breeze by extracting data from a variety of resources and penetrating deep in it. Instead of categorizing the audience only into age and gender groups, AI is combining multiple criteria including browsers, operating systems, locations, interests, professions, incomes, lifestyles, brand engagement, and so on to offer intensely personalized suggestions to the users.

Improved Semantic Analysis

AI focuses on natural language processing (NLP), which enables computers to learn and process human language in an attempt to presume its meaning as well as formulate responses. It also boosts semantic analysis by understanding opinions, sentiments, feelings, etc. with almost human-level accuracy. This leads to larger-scale segmentation of audience and hence, is extremely beneficial for digital marketers.

Smart Search And Filtering

AI is changing the way online search and filtering works quite dramatically, thereby pushing SEO efforts to the next level. While processing the search queries of users, Google’s AI engine ‘RankBrain’ is analyzing multiple factors associated with a keyword including location, context, date, time, search history, etc. and coming up with a list of the best possible answers. Essentially, AI algorithms can steer themselves with less human guidance involved and help users in a better, faster, and smarter way.

Impactful Recommendations

Major brands, such as Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, etc. have been using AI to present impactful advertisements or viewing recommendations to their users for quite a while now. AI powered algorithms help them understand the behaviour, activities, lifestyle, likes and dislikes, etc. of every buyer and make recommendations based on their preferences or past history. Generating personalized recommendations makes brands awesomely addictive to its users by creating positive perception, which eventually drives better engagement.

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Use of ChatBots In Messaging

With conversational commerce rising higher and higher, AI chatbots are being used across industries for achieving customer loyalty and strengthening customer relationship. These chatbots are developed using open application programming interfaces in order to support specific tasks through in-built messaging platforms and can engage with users effortlessly. In addition, AI empowers them to collect relevant data on the audience, which helps brands a lot in identifying the issues, targeting the audience more efficiently, and marketing certain products.

Strong Business Insights

When it comes to developing strong business insights and building a robust strategy for the target market, AI allows SEO consultants and digital marketers to go beyond mere graphic representations or manipulated data by introducing automated semantics. It helps browsers understand as well as analyze all data and numbers across the verticals thoroughly and interpret them into powerful insights to help businesses find lookalike audiences, build killer strategies, and make informed growth decisions.

Greater Cyber Security

Whether it is a minor threat or a massive attack, businesses need to respond in a better and faster way to each and every security alert. Advanced AI technology is a clear winner in this context. It not only identifies abnormal patterns and anomalies within the algorithm but also takes action against them by automating labor-intensive tasks seamlessly. Incorporating AI into the cybersecurity strategy can certainly help digital marketers make very intelligent guesses and protect their brand image.

Web Design And Optimization

With AI, designing and optimizing websites has become futuristic. Though self-designing is not a replacement for traditional web designing practices, the concept itself is brilliant. Conversely, AI-empowered tools are accelerating the process of conversion rate optimization and increasing its effectiveness radically. This machine-based personalization of websites and online funnels can be performed in a very short span of time by digital marketers.

Easier Content Generation

The natural language generation (NLG) technology in AI is getting more and more popular among brands, such as Forbes, LA Times, Associated Press, etc. for producing content. Be it writing news about an earthquake or creating a financial report, AI bots are capable of handling everything. However, bot-generated stories mostly comprise smaller pieces of content compiling simple facts.

Better Sales Forecasting

Successful sales forecasting is all about bridging the gap between sales and marketing, which can be done by Ai efficiently. Having access to an enormous amount of data, it can focus on the probability of conversions through quick filtering and make the process more streamlined. AI also evaluates and interprets inbound communications in order to help the team take actions based on past behaviors. Businesses can even take the help of automated sales assistants to strengthen digital marketing practices and create a difference.

AI is already bringing a lot of ease into the lives of digital marketers and its enriching journey will grow continually. Hence, if you want to skyrocket your digital marketing efforts, opt for artificial intelligence, now!

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