10 Reasons For SEO Campaign Not Providing The Desired Results

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10 Reasons For SEO Campaign Not Providing The Desired Results

The world of e-commerce is highly competitive and there is a prevalent obsession with scoring a steep rise in web traffic. This propels website owners, marketers, and business owners, etc., to pursue ways and means of obtaining good search engine rankings. However, this involves much more than just making a few SEO fixes as and when required.

SEO strategies adopted by websites generally tend to show a positive ROI in about 3 months. If the same does not happen, it means that the strategy adopted is definitely not working and needs immediate attention.

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Some of the major reasons which generally prevents SEO Company from providing the desired results are:

1. Presence of poor content: If the content uploaded is not in sync with viewership demands then web visitors simply stop taking an interest in the website. Since the inflow of traffic is directly proportional to the percentage of viewers that a website gets, the presence of poor, plagiarized, grammatically incorrect and copied content presents a clear signal that the website is not worth spending time on or consuming. This is one of the major reasons for the non-performance of SEO techniques adopted by website owners

2. Incompetent hosting: It is very easy to kill the search engine rankings of a website with unreliable and incompetent hosting. The hosting provider is thus a key element in determining the search engine rankings of a website and should thus be chosen with care.

3. Link profile problem: Search engine algorithms keep changing and updating themselves from time to time and it is the link profile of a website which ultimately ensures its survival during these times. But not having the right link profile, lacking in hyperlinks or buying or bartering backlinks instead of earning them causes search engines like Google to eventually catch up with these cheats and start penalising the concerned website by ignoring it in search result rankings.750

4. Outdated website: Maintaining the website and keeping it updated and upgraded tends to keep it in sync with the ever-changing directives meted out by the frequent algorithm changes. Failing to keep the website updated and active results in a direct violation of the directives of the Algorithm changes and consequently the adopted SEO tactics stop working in favour of the concerned website.



5. Bounce rate is very high: The bounce rate refers to the number of those web visitors that enter the website but leave immediately after visiting one page. A high number of such occurrences results in a higher bounce rate thereby preventing the SEO campaign from functioning favourably. Google Analytics is a wonderful tool given freely by Google to check the webpage metrics as well as the website bounce rate and should be used to understand the effectiveness of the SEO techniques used.

6. Outdated SEO strategy: Advancements of technology result in SEO techniques and strategies undergoing a change to keep up with the same. Any website which still keeps using outdated SEO techniques like reciprocal linking, keyword stuffing, exact-match domains etc., is sure to kill its search engine rankings thereby rendering the SEO campaign useless.

7. Terrible onsite duration: Also known as the dwell time, the onsite duration refers to the time a web visitor spends on the website in question. If the onsite duration is less, it is a clear indication that something is not right with the website and its SEO campaign stops showing positive organic growth.

8. Expecting too most too soon: Patience is the key to the proper functioning of an SEO campaign. Thus once the same has been introduced, it starts showing results exactly 3 months down the line. During this duration, the SEO campaign might appear unresponsive but that does not indicate a bad SEO campaign. Thus if a website owner expects results within these 3 months then the SEO campaign appears to have failed.

9. Untapped social media websites: Social Media channels are by far the best campaigns that a website owner can launch to obtain a rise in the viewership of his domain. But improper use or leaving this potentially viable option untapped can result in the dwindling of web traffic and subsequently the SEO campaign would also fail.

10. Not optimised for the mobile: Smartphone usage has already surpassed the use of desktops and laptops as a means of accessing the internet. Today with most people accessing the required websites with the help of the mobile, having a website which is not mobile-optimised results in a loss of a significant amount of web traffic. This is one of the key reasons for the failure of an adopted SEO campaign.

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After determining the root cause for the failure of the SEO campaign adopted, the website maintenance team should work towards the elimination of the same so that the concerned website is able to perform to its full potential. This generally calls for a re-evaluation of the SEO strategies and techniques adopted and making the necessary fixes as and when required so that the website is able to retain and even better its search engine rankings.

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