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Baidu, with its 80% search market share in China, is the preferred platform to reach your Chinese target audience. If you are looking for a specialized Baidu SEO Service, we at Digitalberge help you reach your audience. Baidu, similar to Google, has evolved significantly in the past few years and offers multiple platforms including web search, PPC advertising, mobile search, news search, web mapping application, image and video search, web browser, web analytics, and much more. If you are targeting customers in the world’s most populous country, you should get the help of the right experts.

Our Range of Services

We have teams specialized in Baidu SEO and baidu ppc, including Chinese language experts.  We provide the following services:

Keyword Research

Our Baidu Search Engine Optimization services begin with researching and building a well-managed keyword database. The goal behind creating the database is to find out what your customers are searching for. This helps you in responding to your potential customers’ needs with your products, services, and content. The keyword sources used by our team include:

  • Baidu keyword research API
  • Competitor ranking keywords
  • Keywords competitors are bidding on within baidu ppc advertising

Competitor Analysis

As your Baidu SEO Agency, we not only help in finding your closest competitors, but also analyze the Baidu keywords they are targeting. When it comes to finding competitors, it is easy to research and find other businesses for a few keywords. But things get too complicated when there are tens of thousands of keywords. We have developed our own unique systems to create a list of all potential competitors.

SEO Audit

We conduct an SEO audit of your website and build a baidu SEO strategy. Our Baidu experts will also work with your in-house team to implement the plan. We analyze your website to identify any content or code issues. We work with your in-house team to fix such errors to make it simpler and faster for Baidu to crawl and index your site.

Content Optimization

At Digital Berge – The Best SEO Company in Delhi NCR, we have access to creative Chinese writers to help your baidu marketing strategies stand out. We can create and optimize Chinese content for you to address both the search engine’s algorithm and your Chinese audience’ needs.

Link Development Campaign

We also specialize in offsite baidu seo. Our link development experts follow ethical strategies to boost your organic rankings on the search engine. We focus on authority and popularity.

Mobile SEO

Today, mobile search is bigger than desktop search. And with even greater mobile penetration in China compared to other markets, our mobile baidu seo service is crucial for reaching your target audience. We will take steps to optimize your website based on Baidu’s best practices to improve mobile user experience (UX).

Baidu Penalty Recovery

Similar to Google, Baidu has also set high standards for its rankings. Over optimization has the potential to get an account penalized. Whether you have been penalized or you are uncertain about your current SEO campaigns, our baidu seo service can help you address the issues. We can identify the cause of the penalty and take steps to rectify and help your website rank high.

Baidu Integrated Marketing

As already mentioned, there are multiple platforms that make up Baidu. We provide baidu sem, SEO and integrated marketing services that cover all these platforms. This involves running marketing campaigns across Baidu Search, Baidu Wiki, Baidu Zhidao, and others. Thus, you are able to reach a larger audience base.

We also provide baidu pay per click consulting and services. This helps you in appearing on top the search results within a shorter period of time. Our Baidu specialized team also helps with indexation improvement. We identify Baidu indexation issues and fix them to help you overcome the challenges that exist with this search engine.

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