Amazon Product Listing Optimization Service

Amazon is the largest buyer-based search engine where customers are searching for products. The website displays relevant listings for conversion into purchases. The platform provides content opportunities to you as a seller. This includes headline, description, bullet points, product images, and enhanced brand content among others. It is important for all these areas to work together to increase conversion rates for your business. And this is where our Amazon Store Optimization and Product Listing service comes into the picture.

Our Amazon Listing Optimization Service

We at DigitalBerge have provided amazon listing optimization service for tens of thousands products. Our experience has allowed us to gain in-depth understanding of how keyword placement impacts ranking within organic search results on the platform.

We have experienced Amazon copywriters and Amazon SEO Experts who conduct research on the following verticals:

  • Keywords
  • Market
  • Product

The goal of our research process is to understand the intent and needs of our customers. We know the art of knitting the most effective sales-triggering language with the most important keywords for your products. We have developed proven strategies over the years to help our clients maximize their listing visibility within search results and boost their conversion rates.

Comprehensive Keyword report

We research and report the most relevant keywords for your product that generate high-volume traffic. We compile a comprehensive keyword report, integrating the most relevant keywords into your listing.

Compelling Product Titles

Our amazon product title optimization service helps your products to not only show up in search results, but also to convince your shoppers to click. Our experienced copywriters create persuasive titles to maximize your keyword exposure and conversion.

Expert-Designed Bullet Points

We create professionally-designed bullet points that elegantly emphasize the key selling points of your products. Besides, the bullets also help in increasing your keyword exposure in search results.

Informative Description

Our amazon product description optimization service focuses on providing all the information to ensure that you no longer have any missing sales because of lack of information. Our copywriters ensure that all the info is provided so that shoppers can get answers to their queries and are satisfied before placing their orders.

Back-end Search Terms

When it comes to amazon product marketing, it is easy for most sellers to get their back-end search terms correctly. Our copywriters ensure that strategic search term suggestions are provided to help you get your back-end search terms right.

Benefits of Amazon Product Optimization

There are two clear benefits of choosing our amazon product optimization services:

  • Increased Sales: Our service helps in achieving higher conversion rates, leading to increased sales.
  • Increased Sales Mean More Traffic: It is part of Amazon’s algorithm to drive more traffic to listings that convert better.

How Our Services Benefit You?

  • Higher Rankings: The placement of keywords in amazon product description and title is one of the most important factors helping you rank higher. Our experienced copywriters rely on their knowledge of proven strategies to position each and every keyword to optimize your listings’ rankings.
  • Increased Conversion Rates: Our copywriters are much more than magicians with words. They also know the art of selling products well. We know how to convert your on-page visitors into customers.
  • Grow Your Brand: Our well-crafted copy goes beyond driving sales and builds a positive brand image in your visitors’ minds.

We at DigitalBerge help you achieve success with your Amazon product listing. It involves much more than just listing your product on the online shopping site to generate sales and profits. Our expert amazon listing optimization service helps you stand out and get ahead of the competition.

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