Machine Learning And Its Potential Uses In Digital Marketing

  Since the development of its early algorithms for multimedia systems, machine learning (ML) has come a long way. The technology plays a key role in stimulating the process of decision-making with the help of powerful predictive analysis and now the advancement of human knowledge is impacting ...
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How To Budget For A Successful Influencer Marketing Plan In 2018

In today’s extremely competitive digital marketing scenario, influencer marketing is an effective approach to making a real connection with the target audience, delivering authentic messages to them, and achieving a sizable ROI. The best thing about influencer marketing is that it does not need a ...
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10 Ways AI Is Enriching Digital Marketing Practices

  The digital space is getting flooded with big chunks of data everyday posing bigger challenges to the marketers. Manual handling not only makes the understanding, analysis, and processing of this data difficult but also retracts the growth of the brand by giving wrong results. However, the in...
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