Animated Video Production Services

At Digitalberge, we know that video has the power to add the human touch to your brand. Our Animated Video Production services focus on educating your target audience and existing customers, and promote your brand. Video promotion is an ongoing strategy and goes beyond just adding an explainer video to your website.

Our Range of Services

We provide Animated Video Production for all different promotional goals, including branding and internal communication.

Branded Videos

We create branded video content to advance your specific messages while retaining your brand image across the content with consistency. Some of the key characteristics of the branded animated videos we create include:

  • Authenticity
  • Entertaining
  • Core audience targeting
  • Brief & to the point

Branded videos are different from conventional forms of advertising in that they don’t sell anything. The most beautiful aspects of great branded videos are that they never mention the brand, yet they are able to create a strong impact of your brand image on your audience’s mind. What makes such a video more effective is that it gives a human face to your brand by connecting with your audience at the emotional level.

We specialize in all the latest technologies and concepts in Animated Video Production, including the following:

  • 2D Animation: We have qualified, experienced, and well-trained 2D animation experts and artists, who also specialize in stop motion and motion tweening. It is not just our professional expertise, our team is also passionate about what we do.
  • 3D Animation: Our team of 3D animation experts comprises of artists who have advanced skills in 3D modeling, lighting, sculpting, and rigging.
  • Claymation: We also have vast experience in completing claymation projects. This expertise comes from our passion for stop motion animation.

Studies show that when addressing a topic, including complicated ones, animation is the most effective content type. It simplifies complex information, the learning process, and improves understanding of concepts. It is for a reason why you see animation characters in TV commercials – they can survive for years and become part of your brand image.

Educational Videos

Our Animated Video Production services also include creation of educational videos. Educational videos go beyond the scope of branding videos and help in positioning your company as a thought leader in your niche. They are informative, engaging, useful, and shareable. We create all different types of educational videos including:

  • Animated infographics
  • Current industry trends
  • How your products are made

Tutorial Videos

We also create tutorial videos, which are instructional in nature and explain how your customers can use your product or service. We can create tutorial videos appropriate to your product or service profile.

  • Physical Products: Live action videos explaining your product features, how to assemble them, or use them.
  • Services or Websites: Step-by-step guide or screencast on using different features within your UI.

Tutorial videos play an important role in improving the usability of your products/services. They help reduce uncertainty about how your products/services work. This translates into fewer calls or messages to your customer support staff. This also reduces their reliance on length documents like instruction manuals.

What Makes Us Different?

Smart & Professional: We have mastered the art of balancing video and creative strategy. We know how to resolve complex problems in an elegant and efficient manner. Creativity is an integral part of all our Animated Video Production projects.

Cost-Effective Services: Over the years, we have developed the art of operating at the perfect juncture of price and quality for our clients and our business.

At Digitalberge, our Animated Video Production services are driven by our goals to come up with new ideas, create engaging stories, and keep pushing the boundaries of creativity and success.

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